Inside the main dining hall/lounge during a BINGO night at the club. 'Rogues Gallery' and mantle piece in background.

Dancing area in the main lounge. Movie screen in background.

Before the L'American Club was built in 1966 and between the time it burned down in February 1967, and was reconstructed in 1969,  the club was located in the Mess Hall/ Medical Dispensary building and was called "The Night Club".

Left to right: SGT Lamb, CWO. Huffine, and Bob Ross.

Front view of the Mess Hall / Dispensary / Night Club circa 1965. Photo courtesy of Ron Dolecki.

More dancing.

View from behind the bar looking to the left. Notice the entrance to the main Dining hall.

These photos of  'The Night Club" were taken from 1967-68 by Don Molinelli and Bob Ross.

​Drinks and Conversation

Lovenguth and Homer Ferrante in lobby.


The hallway leading to the night club had slot machines and pin ball machines and served as a lobby.

Worku and Bartender Dave.

Greg Horn playing drums at one of the dances.

View from far left and behind the bar, looking to the right.

The bar was in an ante-room leading into the mess hall/dining room.