This page is dedicated to the Army Map Service civilians who worked with the Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission. The AMS civilian pilots who flew for Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission are named on the "Civilian Pilots" page under the Flight Line tab. Any photos you might contribute would be appreciated.

Mr. Campbell 
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Mr. Winston (Winnie) Davis 
​Mr. Davis was Chief of the Office of Military Operations - Army Map Service - Washington, D.C.  All civilian Army Map Service pilots who flew for the various mapping projects reported to Mr. Davis in Washington, D.C.

Mr. John Fitzmaurice    1963 - 1970 

(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Mr. Percy Hargett

Mr. Hargett was a civilian cartographer who worked for Army Map Service/64th Corps of Engineers Battalion (Base Topographic) in both Ethiopia and Libya. 
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Larry Johnson was in Ethiopia with the Army Map Service/Civilian Photo Interpreters group from Washington, DC. from July 1966 through November 1967. Mr. Johnson also worked with "Drifter" field classifiers.

Mr. Lawrence Lucas    1966 - 1970
More information soon to follow.


Mr. John Scarlis  1964

Mr. Kleinbach   1966 - 1970

Mr. Robert Noelcke  
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Mr. Sidney Pinchback   1964

Mr. Lucas was also the Varsity Basketball Coach at the American Community School (ACS) in 1967. Mrs. Marjourie Lucas was also at ACS in the Administration Department.