CPT. Radu   1962 - 1964                               (Photo and additional information as of yet unavailable).

Sid Wheatley & Baluchi tribesman-near Jask, Iran. Sid was a Former WWII USN Flight Instr/Lt. Commander and Free lance pilot overseas. Seated in the UH-1 (Otter) passageway is SP-5 Ed  Krause, Crew Chief of the U-1 

SP4 Robert W. Bennett   1962 - 1964 
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Mr. Ira Tucker  1962 - 1964             (Photo as of yet unavailable)


SP4 Marcus Clark    1962 - 1964
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Karl Stay working on U-1 (Otter) 'Mary Ann'

Mr. Karl Stay    1968

DAC GS-12  Ken Bailey   1966 - 1967 

This photo may not be of Capt. Reed. Please contact the Web Host if you can verify if this photo is either correct or incorrect.

Major (Rusty) Rhodes   1962 - 1964                                               (Photo as of yet unavailable)

Major Emmett Smith   1962 - 1964  
                                                  (Photo as of yet unavailable)

Maj. Stone  - Aviation Section Commander  1966 - 1967
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Maj. Bill Schwend  1969 - 1971                                                           
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Bill Schwend arrived in Iran as a Major on 4 May 1969 and served as the Project Aviation Officer until May 1971.

Bill writes: "When I arrived in the Tehran we had three Hiller (believe "F" model) helicopters that were being prepared for shipment back to the states. Within a few days we received three UH-1H helicopters.  Also we had one U-1 Otter, one U-6 Beaver, and U-8.

When we got the C-47, the Otter was flown back to Germany where it was turned in and we transferred the U-8 to the Med-Div Engineers in Riyadh.  I do not know what happened to the fixed wing aircraft after I left Iran as the entire team was being drawn down to leave country.  The three UH-1H's were transferred to STRATCOM who had come into country to install a high frequency radio system through out the country.
Maj. Taylor  1966 - 1967  
                                                                      (Photo as of yet unavailable)
Capt. Tobiason     1962 - 1964  Field Operations Officer in the Fall of 1963 and flew the U-6 Otter providing air support to all field parties in SE Iran. 
(Photo as of yet unavailable)
CPT. Ward   1964                                                                                     
(Photo and additional information as of yet unavailable).

Duke Anthony  Gravity Chief   1966 - 1967


Don Bailey   OCT 1966 - 1967

UH-1H  17295  Transferred from Ethi-U.S. Mapping Mission to TTT in 1970



C-47 (R4D) 17203   1970 - 1971

Maj. Ernest L.S. Martin                       (Photo and additional information as of yet unavailable).


CPT. Miller   1964                                   (Photo and additional information as of yet unavailable).


SP4 Sam Blackwell   1962 - 1964
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

DAC-GS-12  Chuck Hungerford  1966 - 1967

CPT. Reed    1964 - 1966 

Mr. Karl Stay is a German citizen who worked for Army Aviation Maintenance Center and Command, Coleman Barracks, West Germany. He specialized in U.S. Helicopters and Fixed Wing aircraft and made MDO`s on UH-1B; CH34; CH37. 

Karl was sent on voluntary TDY to Teheran in 1968 as a result of a request made by Major Edwin J. Bannister.

Jack Miller served as a civilian pilot for Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission (E-USMM) from 1966 until the project ended in the summer of 1970. Upon completion of that project Mr. Miller ferried C-47 17203 from E-USMM  to Topo Training Team, Tehran, Iran and began working for TTT as a civilian pilot from June 1970 until that project ended in May of 1971. After completion of his duties with TTT Mr Miller remained in Iran as a civilian pilot until June of 1972 with U.S. Army STRATCOM. 

(Photo taken in Ethiopia 1970)


SP4 Ron Kania  1966 - 1967
(Photo as yet unavailable)

SP4 McCoy    1962 - 1964                                                         (Photo as of yet unavailable)

SP5 Clyde Moore   September 1962 - October 1964 
(Photo as of yet unavailable)
Clyde writes:  "I was with the outfit in Lybia, then Iran Sep 62 to Oct 64... My assignments were primarily "classification" with AMS rep, local military from southern to northern Iran. Great layout. Good memories. Good to see the "House" and Shapour and Nemod.

SP4 West   1962 - 1964
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

SP-4 Dan Williams  1966 - 1967 
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

U1-A Otter  (DH3- de' Havilland) N1905R  "Mary Ann"  (circa 1967)

Retired CW3 - US Army,  (Alaskan bush pilot)

CPT. Mullenanour    1962 - 1964                       (Photo and additional information as of yet unavailable)

I am unsure as to the following information:  USCG Retired,  Helicopter Flight Instructor at Camp Wolters, TX (Primary and Basic) Transfer?  

OH-23F Raven (Hiller)  U.S. Army 12508  "Crazy Horse"

DAC GS-11  Don Bailey flew all fixed and rotor wing aircraft while assigned to Topographic Training Team. Don worked in Iran as a civilian pilot but retained his Army Aviator status (CW2-Army National Guard.) Bailey served as a Helicopter Instructor, Pilot, Test Pilot,  and Aircraft Maintenance Officer. His Civilian ratings were helicopter commercial/flight instructor/test pilot & Chief pilot with 2,000+ hours first pilot time in helicopters and 1,500+ Commercial first pilot hours in airplanes.

Mr. Bailey writes: "I was on the Fort Rucker Civil Service list as a certified/qualified Army helicopter flight instructor, but AMS [somehow] obtained my name through channels as a potential "topo" pilot, before I was due to report for duty at Ft. Rucker. I chose AMS..  

DAC- GS- 13 Mr. Jack W. Miller  1970- 1971

Capt. White   1962 - 1964
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

DAC-GS-11  Roy Lindley   1966 - 1967  (Photo as of yet unavailable)

Mr. John W. Findley                                                     (Photo and additional information as of yet unavailable)

DAC GS-11  Sid Wheatley  1966 - 1967

SFC Hood    1962 - 1964
(Photo as of yet unavailable) 

SP5/SSG Kenneth Brashears    1962 - 1964
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Major Ballard   1962 - 1964
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

CPT. Barksdale  1963
Flew helicopters in the summer of 1963 providing air support to field parties in SE Iran.
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

DAC-GS-12  Ray Chapman   1966 - 1971 
Retired US Army Major who transferred from Dugway Proving Grounds
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Capt. Dargon  1966 - 1967
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Capt. Deel  1964
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Capt. Robert DeGennefe   1962 - 1964
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Major  Ed Freeman  1964 - 1966 
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Major Roy Gentry   1962 - 1964 
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Major George    1962 - 1964
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Major Joseph Gray   1962 - 1964  
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Capt. Heffner   1964 -1966
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

DAC GS-12  Ken Bailey   1966 - 1967  Retired USAF Major who transferred from Holloman AFB, NM. (White Sands Missile Range) 


Paul DeVera  Oct. 1963 - May 1965

As a helicopter crewchief I had the opportunity to see a lot of the country of Iran. I flew a lot of missions with Maj. George, Capt. Reed, Capt. Tobiason, Capt. Miller, Capt. Heffner, Capt. Ward and a few other pilots that I will never forget. They will forever be embedded in my memory. My tour with the Triple "T" in Iran will always be a memorable experience for me that will always remain. Thank you TOPO for the wonderful memories.


Karl Stay and others on the tarmac at Galeh Morgeh airfield Tehran, Iran.

SP4 Bell    1962 - 1964 
(Photo as yet unavailable) 

SP5 Doyle Burgin   1962 - 1964 
(Photo as yet unavailable)

SP5 Gaillard   1962 - 1964
(Photo as yet unavailable)

SP-5-Krause  1966 - 1967
(Photo as yet unavailable)

SP5 Sadler   1962 - 1964
(Photo as yet unavailable)