SP5 CEDRIC HINSON    1967 - 1968  

Cedric taught an advanced English course at the American Community School in Addis Ababa.


The Budget & Fiscal (Finance) office was housed in a port-a-camp located between the Headquarters building and the Imperial Golf Club.

(The names below were provided by Ato Yemane Gebremicael, an accounting assistant in the Budget & Fiscal office from February 1964 to June 1968. Yemane moved to the United States in 1993). 

 1LT Langley worked out of one of the Budget & Finance (B&F) Porta-Camps next to the HQ building. One of his duties was to make pay runs each month out to the field parties. Type your paragraph here.

G. Goulart 

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​1LT THOMAS J. HAZLET    1969-1970

Richard Ziants  1964 - 1966 

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SP4 Zaints was one of thefirst persons (#12) to arrive in Addis Ababa in January of 1964.  He lived in a compound for a number of months before moving out to the barracks by the old airport. It took about six months before the first field party went out on survey. They started in the northern part of the country.
Zaints writes: "Second Lt. Felix ... did everything for the company. Our medical officer was Captain Grossman and Sergeant Wilkinson was the Top NCO.  My MOS was in Finance and I was assigned to MAAG group in Addis. I took care of the payroll and travel for the company. Our company grew to about 150 which included Officers and Enlisted. One of the things that I did on my free time, I was the projection man for the movies that were shown each evening. I left there in July 1966 and was assigned to DeWitt Army Hospital, Ft Belvoir, VA.  I presently live in Alexandria, Virginia and work in Washington, D.C.

​1LT Thomas J. Hazlet was the last Finance Officer of Mapping Mission and closed-out the mission in July of 1970.

2LT Robert Felix was among the first to arrive. Richard (SP4 at the time) Ziants writes of LT Felix:

 "...Col Sherman had a Second Lt. Felix who did everything for the company".

CPT. James A. Richardson                                (Photo and Information needed)

LT. Scott                                                             
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LT. Smith                                                             
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1LT Langley - Finance Officer     1968


Ato Yemane Gebremicael -- Civilian Accounting Assistant

Ato Yemane Gebremicael, an Ethiopian national was an accounting assistant in the Budget & Fiscal office from February 1964 to June 1968.