Mr. Rodawalt, retired Major, U.S. Army aviator was a Master Army Aviator who held multiple ratings in both single and multi-engine Fixed Wing Aircraft and Rotor Wing aircraft.  

Click here to read Lee Rodawalt's account of the C-47/R4-D flight that he and Mr. Miller flew from Addison, Texas USA to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Mr. Tim Wolfe held multiple ratings in single both multi-engine fixed wing aircraft and rotor wing aircraft.
Aircraft flown: U-17, U-1A, U-8D, U-6, U-9, U-10, C-47, OH-23G, and UH-1B and H.

Mapping Mission Aircraft flown: All.  U-17 (Cessna 185),  U-1A,  U-6, U8D,  U-9C, C-47, OH-23,  UH-1B and UH-1H 

MR. WILLIAM T. (HAP) LINDERMAN    1966 - 1970




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Mapping Mission Aircraft flown: All 

Mr. Miller held multiple ratings in single and multi-engine fixed wing aircraft, single engine jet aircraft and rotor wing aircraft. 

MR. RICHARD (DICK) BABBIT    1967 - 1969

Mr. Irvin 'Pappy' Rice was the AVSCOM (United States Army Aviation Systems Command) representative. 

THE CIVILIAN PILOTS of Ethiopia-U.S. Mapping Mission 1966 - 1970

Mr. Miller flew out of Lidetta airport from 1961 through 1965 for National Airline Training Project (NATP) a U.S. Government (Point-4) project, and then with Regional Insect Control Project (RICP) a USAID project. Mr. Miller was asked to return to Ethiopia to fly for Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission in the summer of 1966, which he did until the summer of 1970 when that mission had been accomplished.
He then worked for Topographic Training Team in Teheran, Iran until they completed their mission in 1971. In the summer of 1972 Mr. Miller returned to the United States of America where he flew for the U.S. Department of Agriculture/Screwworm Eradication Program until his death in 1981.

Mr. Rose flew all aircraft assigned to Mapping Mission including the OH-23, UH-1B, UH-1H, U-17 , U-1,  U-6,  U-8D,  U-9C, and C-47.    

Mr. Rose was severely injured when the UH-1B he was flying (N1901R) lost an engine and couldn't maintain rotor RPM.

UH-1 Pilot Pete Orlin writes: "Bob Rose was a great pilot.  I had him for an advanced instructor at Ft. Rucker, Alabama. He was the finest helicopter pilot I ever flew with.  He was an artist with the Huey (UH-1), especially at autorotations.  The only reason that everyone survived the crash was because of his exceptional skill."

MR. LEE RODEWALT    1966 - 1970

MR. ROBERT P. (BOB) ROSE    1966 - 1968

MR. IRVIN (PAPPY) RICE    1966 - 1970

MR. RICHARD P. (DICK) VAN LEAR     1966 - 1970


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The civilian pilots who flew for Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission were sent to Ethiopia by U.S. Army Map Service and reported to Mr. Winston Davis in Washington D.C.

MR. JACK W. MILLER    1966 - 1970

Mr. Rodawalt came to Ethiopia as a retired career Army Aviation officer.  His proficiency was in helicopters; however, Mr. Rodawalt had numerous hours in various fixed wing aircraft throughout his military career. 

His assignment with Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission required him to fly all of the aircraft in inventory.  

Mapping Mission Aircraft flown: All 

U-17 (Cessna 185),  U-1A,  U-6,  U-8D,  U-9C, U-10, C-47, OH-23, UH-1B and UH-1H 

MR. GERRY JOHNS    1969 - 1970

Mr. Wolfe flew for Mapping Mission in Ethiopia and the Sudan, and before Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission, with RICP. 

Mr. Babbit held multiple ratings in single and multi-engine Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing aircraft. Mapping Mission flown: U-17 , U-1,  U-6,  U-8D,  U-9C, C-47, H-23, UH-1B

MR. TIM WOLFE   1966 - 1968

Mr. Linderman held multiple ratings in single and multi-engine Fixed and Rotor wing aircraft.

Mapping Mission Aircraft flown: U-17 (Cessna 185) , U-1,  U-6,  U-8D,  U-9C,  C-47, OH-23G,  UH-1B and UH-1H.