LTC Adrian Traas, Battlion Commander and Senior Topo Officer in country assumed command as Mission Head of Ethiopia United States Mapping Mission on 29 APR 1970, relieving LTC Talbert. He remained in command until the mission stood down.  Field survey work was completed by the end of April and closeout was at the end of July.

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SP5 Dennis J. Keefer (Photo as yet unavailable) writes: "I was a SP4 when I arrived and a SP5 when I left.  They found out I could type so instead of sending me out to a Field Party I was kept at Hq as a Company Clerk and also administered a $5K cash fund to support the Field Party's when they needed things.  In addition, I was a MA at the L'American club and ran the projector for the movies in the old Chow Hall. 

I came to E-USMM from the 524th Topo at Ft.  Hood. Dan Himick and I arrived together and had both spent just over a month with the 524th before being sent there.  After leaving Addis, Himick and I both ended up back at Ft. Belvoir as instructors in the Topo Survey course.

Maj Adrian G. Traas last CO/Director handing off Ethiopia - U.S. Army Mapping Mission U8 aircraft to Saudi Arabia Engineer District representative and possibly pilot, on/about May-June 1970.

64th Commanding Officers - Mediterranean Division Conference Room, Livorno (Leghorn) , Italy, during a commanders' meeting on 23 February, 1969. 

CPT James Campbell - Commanding Officer: Air Field Operations and Troop Commanding Officer 

Close Out Field Party stood down The Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission.

Field survey work was completed by the end of April 1970. 

Field Classification work was completed by mid May 1970. 

After reevalutation of required on site field survey work, the project was able to gain a 4-6 week head start for phasing out. 

Through timely receipt of orders and outprocesing, the project strength went from 120 military and civilian personnel in April down to 18 by 20 June. 

On 20 June a temporary headquarters was relocated to a hotel in Addis Ababa in order to clear the Mapping Mission area.

Real estate was transfered back to the Ethiopian government via MGl during July. 

On 17 July 1970 the last assigned person departed. 

MAJ Traas remained in Ethiopia until the end of July to complete the closeout.

Left to Right standing: Maj Traas, battalion XO; Col Edward L. Waddell, MedDiv Engineer; Col Billy B. Geery OCE (office of the Chief of Engineers); Brig Gen William L. Starnes (OCE); LT Col George Stukhart, Jr., CO 64th; Lt Col John S. Bond, CO 72d Engineer Detachment (Survey) in Liberia; Lt Col Everett A. Smith, CO Topographic Training Team in Iran; and Lt Col Kenneth R. Thompson, CO Ethiopia U.S. Mapping Mission in Ethiopia. 

Seated from left to right: Capt Garry D. Foster, battalion budget officer, adjutant, and HQ detachment CO; and, Lt Col Don E. Finney, battalion aviation officer stationed in Ethiopia. 

CPT Earl Prechtel - Adjutant, Assistant S-3 and Party Chief of two field parties.   Earl notes that he was nominally 'Troop Commander' for only the very last week when there were almost no troops to "command", and added that his primary responsibility during that phase of the operation was ensuring that everyone caught their flights out."

1LT Thomas J. Hazlett - 1969 - 1970  Finance Officer

SP5 Dan Himick  1969 - 1970  (Dan arrived with Dennis Keeffer-see below)


Photo taken during visit by Maj Traas, XO of 64th, to TOPOCOM HQ in Bethesda, MD in January 1969. Maj John D. Canatsey, formerly operations officer of the Topographic Training Team in Iran was appointed battalion plans and operations officer/liaison officer with duty station at TOPOCOM in January 1968.