Cloudy party began it's astro work to adjust the Libyan in early 1961 on the Algerian border at a triangulation station established by the Italian Army in the 1930's.  We preceded eastward, establishing astro stations on every third figure in the net.  We spent about 10 days on each station, shooting perhaps 30 star pairs each night, shot azimuth of a base line, and in some cases measured the baseline using a telurometer.

Our equipment consisted of the Bamberg Broken Transit telescope which set on a concrete pier that we built, short wave radio to establish link with WWV for time signals, a chronograph and chronometers.  As a known star was tracked with the scope an impulse went to the chronograph, the impulse showing the time of the tracking on the chronograph. After tracking 60 or more pairs, longitude and latitude could be established and the triangulation net adjusted. We then moved on to the next station.

On 4 July we reached the Egyptian border. The border fence consisted of three fences 1 meter high and 1 meter apart covered with concertina wire. In many places large sections, several hundred meters long had been pulled back like a swinging door. Usually in those areas were large areas of desert floor covered with flattened 5 liter cans, probably tank fuel. Tank tracks were very obvious in the gravel in many places. Inside the fence I often found munitions.  For the 4 July holkday I loaded the remains of a jerry can with Beretta Grenades, piled them into an old enplacement and cooked them off with C ration boxes.  Interestingly, the C rations dated from the same time as the grenades.

U-1 Otter flying support.


Rudi Salvermoser

Inside the fence I often found munitions.


​​Jim Kirschenman provided the following: 

Cloudy party consisted of AMS civilians Rudi Salvermoser (see web link) and Eric Rothscheid.  Military were Kirschenman, Mayzell (sp), and Dan Morrow.  
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