Warrant Officer Ralph Stephenson - Party Chief   1967 - 1968

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SP5 Keith MacIntyre - Topo Surveyor   1967 - 1968

Keth MacIntyre (left) and Bill Flynn (right) riding back to camp in a Hiller after a long day of running 2nd-order levels in the swamps of the Central Ethiopian Highlands near the Sudan border.  The pilot is unidentified

Alan Steininger recording with Keith MacIntyre on the instrument. Somehow they talked Civilian pilot Hap Linderman into holding the rod that day.

Bill Flynn with a nice tigerfish (notice the teeth) that he caught in the Gilo River near the Sudan Border.  The native shown in the picture speared the fish from over Bill's shoulder as he was being landed.  The fish was moving pretty fast too, and the spear is exactly where it landed in the fish, right in the center. 

From left to right:  Michael Lemke, Alan Steininger, Keith MacIntyre and Bill Flynn.

A hand-played musical instrument called a lamellophone.

Keith MacIntyre and Bill Flynn "patrolling" the banks of the Gilo.

SP5 Bill Flynn    1967 - 1968

Ato Mesfin Cocheto   1966 - 1970 

Bill Flynn and Wayne Schandelmeier standing by a "marked" benchmark with some curious locals in the village of Tirgol near the Sudan border..


Additional photos provided by Bill Flynn


Alan Steininger  1967 - 68

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SP5 Wayne Schandelmeier - Topo Surveyor  1967 - 1968

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E6/SSG JOSEPH F. DIBLE Jr.   1967 - 1968

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Keith MacIntire and Bill Flynn in Addis Ababa, ready to head for the bush.

"Ali Baba was a small fourth order level, recovery and photo-identification party that worked sporadically from Janurary through June of 1967.  The designation was changed from Ali Baba to Dallas in the latter part of 1967 when SSG Joe Dible, SP5 Wayne Schandelmeier, PFC's Bill Flynn and Keith MacIntyre along with two rodmen Mesfin and Yassim were located in and around Jimma to accomplish vertical control for TPR terminals and attempt to isolate an error in the Lekempte-Soddu-Shashamani-Addis loop.

After Dallas completed its work in Jima, more topographic surveyors were added and Warrant Officer Ralph Stephenson was assigned as Chief of the Dallas field party. The Dallas party was then relocated to the Sudan border near Gambela, where its orders were to establish high-order vertical control and photo-identification near the Gilo River. The area was isolated and consisted of plains, dense bush and wetlands. No roads existed in the region, so daily helicopter support was required. The level line eventually culminated in the village of Tirgol. Upon completion of the work in the Gambela Region, the Dallas party returned to establishing fourth order levels and photo-identification work in the central part of the country in the Ethiopian Highlands."  (The preceeding text is contributed by Bill Flynn along with excerpts from the 1967 Historical Report and minior edits by the Web host).

Michael Lemke   1967 - 1968

Bill Flynn writes:

Here I am trying to get a deuce-and-a-half up a slippery slope on the road to Jima.   SSgt. Joe Dible hollered at me as this was taken,  "FLYNN I'M GOING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING APPARENTLY YOU DON'T REALIZE, THIS IS NOT AN AIRPLANE, YOU CANNOT FLY IT OUT OF HERE!"