C-47  AGORDAT 1965

U-6  Beaver:  MM had at least 3 U-6 Beavers, one of which was damaged beyond economic repair.


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...and the fuselage was trucked back to Liddetta Airport. 

N1902R crashed during takeoff from Drifter field camp near Fiche some time around February 1965.

N1903R was blown off a mountain by a wind gust near Gondar in 1965 or early 1966. 

The hulk was taken to the Addis city dump after which it completely disappeared in a matter of less than 3 hours.

UH-1B N1904R was burned by the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) north of Keren in July 1965. 


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Additional remarks concerning this accident from UH-1B helicopter pilot 1LT Pete Orlin:

"Bob Rose was a great pilot. I had him for an advanced instructor at Ft. Rucker, Alabama. He was the finest helicopter pilot I ever flew with. He was an artist with the Huey, especially at auto-rotations. The only reason that everyone survived the crash was because of his exceptional skill." 

The wings of the U-6 were flown out by C-47...

The following three photos were provided by Col. Elbert D. Berry (Ret.)

Col. Berry was the Commanding Officer of the 64th Engineer Battalion in 1968, and was a passenger on this flight.​​