Dave Thomson       Life after Ethiopia                            

My time served with the Mapping Mission was a time of good work, good supervision and great co-workers.  We all seemed to work great together without any personal conflict and in our off times we had a lot of fun.

Career in a nut shell:

Nov ‘66 - Nov ‘68                    Served on Flight Line at Mapping Mission

Jan ‘69 - Oct ‘70                     Attended Teterboro School of Aeronautics, NJ.  Earned Airframe and Powerplant License

Nov ‘70 - Sep ‘71                   Worked for Trans East Airlines in Bangor, ME

Sep ‘71 - Sep ‘74                    Civil Service Technician, Maine Army National Guard, Bangor, Maine

Sep ‘74 - Apr ’03                    Civil Service Technician, New Hampshire Air National Guard, Newington, NH

Apr ’03 to now                        Retired with 33 yrs of Civil Service and 36 yrs of Military Service

At present I am working part time as a driver for an auto auction company.  Also work with a friend doing painting, foundation sealing and other odd jobs.

Other education:

May ’78                                   Received Associate Degree in Business Management from Beal Business College, Bangor, ME

Oct ’90                                    Received Associate Degree in Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Community College of the Air Force

Life Highlights:

May ’72                                   First daughter born, Audra

Oct ’73                                    Second daughter born, Tricia

1998                                        Both daughters got married in this year.

I now have two granddaughters.  Audra gave birth to Valerie in Sep ’99.  Tricia gave birth to Sierra in Nov ’02.  Tricia is pregnant with second child which is due in the first part of December.