Street in an upscale neighborhood

Private Genereaux doing his own laundry.  (My Instrument Repair Shop was in the unused barracks behind me).

"George" the cat. The Company mascot but taken care of by me (official rat catcher in my shop).

Rode bicycle to visit Ollie the BN's Libyan truck driver at his home in the Oasis about 3 miles east of the East Gate. Ollie and his daughter with one of their sheep.

Coca Cola sign in Arabic


Agricultural Fairgrounds

Mosaic tile

Arch of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius

Stones laid out in the 'new forum'...

Digging a new pond at the Beer Garden


Columns in the Forum

Personnel relaxing in front of the Beer Garden

Camel drivers in the desert.​​ (Commercial Photo)

An Upscale neighborhood

Roman ruins on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea about 70 km East of Tripoli.  Main street 20 ft below grade.

Ollie's kitchen (cooking fire).

Leaving Wheelus and traveling West on the 4-lane Meilaha Highway about 7 miles to Tripoli

The lighted Star for all to see

Dromedary (single hump) camel.

Battalion Christmas decorations. Attaching a lighted Star to the top of a pole

Directional road sign

Typical American guard

Restoring a temple building.

Departing Idris Airport for Zurich then train to Heerbrugg, Switzerland to attend T-3 Theodolite and N-3 Level training at Wild Heerbruga factory.

Battalion Compound - The Beer Garden (to the rear). Volleyball Court (to the left),  [to] the East Gate (on the right).

Tile mosaic on the wall of the museum

Battalion Headquarters Sign


Roman toile (know in English as toilets)

Villa and Trains on the outskirts of Tripoli.

Amphitheater and stage with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

Partially restored temple

Battalion Compound - barracks where we slept are to the rear

Typical dirt road with high walls

Typical Libyan guard

After  digging a new pond at the Beer Garden

Agricultural Fairgrounds

Restoring an arch

Standing next to Sgt. Robert L. Asselin (my boss) to celebrate my promotion to SP/4

"Restored" statute in the ampitheater.

Enjoying a Christmas drink inside the Beer Garden

Shanty town outside Tripoli

Statue in the ampitheater.

Beginning of the desert. A Libyan well in the distance.

Libyan hauling off the harvested dates and trimmed branches

Open desert with wild camels.

Looking East along the Sharia Adrian Pelt (Shore Drive) east of the city (from whence we had come)

Horse-drawn cart carrying a load of 55 gallon oil drums

Paved road on the outskirts of Tripoli with "speed limit" sign in KM

"Driving" a WWII train to nowhere

Along the Sharia Adrian Pelt (Shore Drive) just east of the city

Directional road sign

"Carrie" (horse carriage) stand just outside of the "Old City"

Lady (carrying basket on her head) walking on the street of a rural neighborhood

National Geographic map showing the 64th Engineering Battalion's Projects (partial view of Iran)

Restored arch

"Lawrence of Libya" riding Ollie's Dromedary (single hump) camel being fattened for eventual slaughter at the Meat Market outside the East Gate

...with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.


The Mediterranean Sea

Libyan lady carrying her purchases in a basket


Date palm full of dates

Libyan harvesting dates (one bunch is just beginning to fall to the ground)

The "Tuesday General Market" where camels were sold for transportation, beast of burden or food

Battalion Compound - Orderly Room (on the left). Barracks (on the right). My workshop was in the right­most building

Along the Sharia Adrian Pelt (Shore Drive) just east of the city

Libyan driving a horse-drawn cart

Citizens walking on the street of an upscale neighborhood

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Digging a new pond at the Beer Garden


Alley way in an upscale neighborhood

King Idris palace 

Roman ruins on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea about 70 km East of Tripoli. Along Main Street - arch in the distance.

Sunset in the oasis. (Commercial Photo)

Paved road with palm trees

Battalion Christmas decorations - Affixing stuffed camel decorations to the headquarters roof.

Inside of my Instrument Repair Shop.  Located on the left half of the unused barracks, to the right of our sleeping barracks