Delaware Water Party getting water from the Omo River. 

L-R are Jay Kemp, Steve Woolery,
Jim Pierce (on top of the water buffalo)  and Serage. 


Duece and a half with "DELAWARE' written on the front bumper.

Rich Spink at Baco Camp

Delaware photos taken by Dan Kula and provided by Jay Kemp.

SP4 Steve Woolery was     also with Denver Field Party.  

Jay Kemp, Girma, Steve Woolery and Rich at the buffalo.


SP4 Steve Woolery

SP4 Jay A. Kemp

SP4 Richard Spink 

SP4 Jay A. Kemp - 82D20 Topographic Surveyor Specialist - Jay at Delaware Party/ Baco Camp. Jay was originally with Denver Field Party then moved over to Delaware FP which worked it's way from Jigjiga across the Ogaden to Lake Rudolph and the Omo River. Eventually he transferred to Gravity 1 where he spent the rest of his time in Ethiopia.  After leaving Ethiopia in 1968 he joined the Arizona Gravity Survey and was assigned to the 30th Engineer Battalion out of Fort Belvoir.

SP4 Dan Kula    1967 - 1968

Jay Kemp with Girma, Rich and Fire ants.

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Kipper with Delaware in the Ogaden (JigJigga)


Van Pollack, Dan (?), and Rich Spink with Delaware Party at Baco Camp. 

SP4 Van Pollack 

(photograph as yet unavailable)

SP4 Dan Kula - 82D20 Topographic Surveyor Specialist - Dan was later transferred to Dover Spike. 


Jay Kemp and Oryx

Steve Woolery on the PRC 10, a quite powerful radio.