Don Bailey -- Aviation profile/Chronology

FAA Ratings:
Commercial Pilot Airplane single and multi-engine Land
Commercial Pilot - Helicopter
Flight Instructor - Helicopter.

Military specialties:
USAF: Aircraft & Engine mechanic.
Flight Engineer and Engineer Instructor.
Army: Helicopter pilot. (Obsevation - Utiliy and Cargo)
Aircraft Maintenance Officer & Test Pilot
Aviation Logistics Officer.
Aviation Safety Officer.
Logged pilot time: Civilian and military combined...
Airplane - 2,000+ hours)
Helicopter - 4,500+ hours.

Qualified in:
Helicopters - 18 types and models
Airplanes - 35 types and models.

1950 - Enlisted USAF

1951 - Graduated USAF Aircraft & Engine Mechanic School.

1951 - 1954: USAF - Deployed to Germany, France and Libya as jet fighter Crew Chief. (F84-E & F86F) - 53rd Fighter-Bomber Squadron.

1955 - Student pilot certificate issued by the Civil Aeronautics Administration. (Soloed in Aeronca "Champ" - 7 AC)

1956 - Private pilot certificate issued by the FAA - Airplane Single Engine Land. (Aeronca "Champ")

1957 - Commercial Pilot certificate issued by the FAA...Airplane, Single Engine Land. (Cessna 172)

1958 - Commercial Pilot certificate-issued by the FAA...Multi-Engine Land. (Piper "Apache")

1959 - 1960 Sgt - Air Guard 145th Aero Med Squadron. Duties: Flight Engineer and Engineer Instructor. (C-119 G &J aircraft)

1961 - Army Guard - Appointed Warrant Officer--Aviation Section--107th Armored Cavalry Regiment. Aircraft Maintenance Officer. (Helicopters and airplanes)

US ARMY: Graduated Aircraft Maintenance Officer and Test Pilot school...Ft. Eustis, VA.

1962-US Army- Graduated Officer Rotary Wing Aviator Course-Camp Wolters, TX. (OH-23D)

1963 - US Army-Graduated Cargo Helicopter Pilot Course (Advanced Contact & Tactics) Ft. Rucker, AL. - (UH-19 C &D)

Military--Also Army Guard-1963 - 1966 Instructor Pilot OH-23B and UH-19D, Flight Operations Officer and Aero Scout Platoon Leader.

1964 - Commercial helicopter pilot certificate issued by FAA

Cuyahoga County Airport--Operations Manager-Ohio Aviation-Beechcraft Dealership. Fly charter flights and sales demos in Beech aircraft. Managed flight operations, line service and a/c maintenance departments.

Test Pilot for Scheutzow Helicopter Co.  R &D flight operations.

(FAA Helicopter Flight Instructor certificate issued by FAA)

1965 - Operation Coordinator-Sundorph Aeronautical Corp. Helicopter flight instructor, helicopter and airplane sales, demo flights, charter flights, Police traffic control, search & rescue patrol...(Cleveland Hopkins International Airport).

1966 - Chief Pilot-Cleveland Air Service. Flight Instructor-charter pilot - On call for Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Dept. criminal Investigation flights. Patrol duties as needed.  Sling load operations, banner towing, VIP, air-taxi, photo flights-TV news coverage flights. (Burke Lakefront Airport-Cleveland, OH)

Chief Pilot. Eddie Lud construction. (Wickcliffe, OH) Operate company owned Bell 47 G helicopter and leased Cessna airplanes for long XC flights. 

October 1966 - 1967 - US Army assignment (Special--Foreign Activity) to Middle East. Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Geodetic field operations, 64th Engineer Battalion, Tehran, Iran. Field pilot and test pilot. Helicopter and airplane pilot. (Classified project)

1968 - US Army - Project Aviation Officer-"Bar-XC", Southern AZ--Gravity survey project. (HQ--30th Engineer Battalion-Ft. Belvoir, VA.)

1969 - US Army - Northern AZ Gravity Survey Project. Project Aviation Officer, A/C Maintenance Officer-Test pilot- Aviation Safety Officer. Authorized to operate leased, civilian fixed-wing aircraft from time to time, as project needs would dictate. 

October - December 1969 - Detailed to U.S. Geological Survey for 3 months to provide air support for USGS survey teams operating in Monument Valley and the Navajo Badlands. Utilizing the electronic "ABC" survey equipment... (Airborne Control Survey). Helicopter hovering becomes 3rd station for triangulation methods during mapping.

Second Order Survey stations established for USGS by helicopter, in areas that are inaccessible by any surface transportation-USGS utilizing highly sensitive and very accurate T-2 theodolites.

1970 - 1972  Project Aviation Officer- New Mexico Gravity survey Project. Provide air support to Army survey teams who were developing missile launch profile data and topographic maps for the White Sands Missile Range and the Pacific Missile Test Range. 

1973 - 1977  US Army Reserve  Aviation Section pilot for Army topographic survey company at Ft. Belvoir. Also assigned to the 220th Military Police Brigade at Ft. Meade, MD. to provide VIP flights and transport Army inspectors to Army units within the purview of HQ, First Army at Ft. Meade.

1978 - Maintenance Inspector..assigned to the First Army Inspector General's Office at Ft. Meade, MD.

1979 - 1982 - Aviation Logistics Officer - assigned to the 55th Material Management Center - Ft. Belvoir, VA.

Responsible for developing aviation logistics data for a Theatre Area Army Command, ...within a  combat scenario..i.g., aircraft, repair parts, tools, aviation support equipment, fuel/lubricants, vehicles, personnel and other vital logistical needs. Information had been requested by and sent to HQ-US Army-Pentagon.