Don Bailey, CW4 USA-(Ret) Army Aviator.

When I arrived in Tehran (1966) the "Topographic Training Team" aka 64th Eng. Bn, we had 4, OH-23F Hillers , [Crazy Horse-Little Eagle-Red Cloud-Sitting Bull]---3 Otters and one Beaver. No "D" model Hillers. We did receive a U-8D from the Ethiopia Mapping Mission shortly after I arrived. The USAF shared Guehla Morghi airfield with us. They had 2, C-47s. The Iranian Gendarmerie had some 01-Es and some flyable Cessna "Skyhook" helicopters. A classmate from AMOC, CW3 Charley Proctor was the assigned IP for the Iranian Gendarmerie aviation unit. When I refueled at QUM, Iran, I spoke with an Iranian Army Sgt.. They were assembling some H-43 "Huskies" that were donated by the USAF.

I logged several hours of CP time in two, of the 3 Otters we had, as well as some CP time in the lone Beaver. When I arrived in Iran, I was briefed about the Otter accident. Supposedly (???) another Otter clobbered in down South in the Elburz Mountains. Some souls died in that accident and others were attacked by wolves and the survivors slid down the mountainside in their sleeping bags. The mountain was covered with snow.

Don't recall any more details about the other crash. Maybe the crash in this story is the same crash as I was briefed on.

A contract company called "GEOTRONICS" was also doing geodetic survey missions and they crashed a civilian helicopter ,shortly after I arrived. Not sure what type or model. Probably a Bell 47G.While operating from Chah-Bahar on the Persian Gulf, my cover aircraf - an Otter - "Maryann" blew the power recovery turbine while circling over me. Pilot and crew chief made a dead stick landing, but the landing gear and prop were damaged during the touchdown. Crew was not hurt. I recovered the crew and flew them back to base camp at Chah-Bahar. I understand that a USAF crew eventually located and towed the Otter to the Chah-Bahar airport and it was flown to GY via C-123, for repairs. The Otter crew was picked up by our U-8 from Tehran and I continued to operate "solo" from the Iranian Naval Base at Bandar Abbas. After the survey support missions were completed in the South of Iran, I flew the OH-23F to Kerman.(Central Iran) My helicopter stayed at Kerman. I flew to Tehran via Iran Air (DC-6) and had a few days of R &R and returned to Kerman for more support missions. Sid Wheately and I flew the other Otter ("REDWOOD" ) from Tehran to Kerman and we continued our field survey project. At some point, "Redwood" began throwing engine oil. It was necessary to get the leaking turbine repaired, so Sid and I flew "Redwood" to Tehran by adding oil to the sump from the cockpit -in the air. The Flight Engineer/Crew Chief, Ed Krause, used a hose and funnel and re-supplied the oil tank from a 5 gallon oil container...from the cockpit. We made it to Tehran.. The third Otter ("Tree-Chopper") was assigned up North ....out of Meshad. Don't know if it survived or not.. DB  

Topo Training Team, Iran  1966 - 1967

Don Bailey with U-8 sent from Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission

Topo House Teheran, Iran

Don Bailey refueling.

Broken windshield in Hiller H-23


Gravity technicians DAC Wayne Sigleo and SP5 Ken Orrell establishing a VPP near Kunarek, Iran SW of Zahedan

Don Bailey flying.

View of Mt. Damavand (18,000'+) looking North from NE Tehran, Iran. (Western portion of the Hindu Kush)

Location: Iranshar, Iran (near the airfield).  Radio call sign "BLACKJACK.
MAJ Wayne Teague (in fatigues) Commanding Officer of the 64th Engineer Battalion.
The white mobile unit in the center of picture is the 2-1/2 ton [GI] "Mess Truck" operated by an Iranian cook "Ali". 

SP-4 Ron Kania is in the center of photo next to the pilot in the orange flight suit.

Ali (the cook) is on the right side in a sweater and civilian clothes standing with a GI and an Iranian LT.

DAC/CW4 Donald Bailey - Topo Training Team, Iran  1966 - 1967

Don Baily in Iran with OH-23F #508 "Crazy Horse"

"I was assigned to the Topographic Training Team (Special Foreign Activity) Iran, to primarily fly helicopters and co-pilot on the Otter and Beaver when needs dictated. "

Department of Army Civilian Aviator / Chief Warrant Officer 4 Master Army Aviator