SPC4 Bill Rudis    1965 - 1966

Dan Struck died from injuries received in a truck accident while serving in Ethiopia.   

Ethiopian guards by Mapping Mission Land Rover

On Right: SPC Menear (Mechanic). On Left: Ato Messih (Interpreter)

"Littorina." made by Fiat. This coach may have carried passengers back and forth between Asmara and Massawa.

Mitchell Cotts-Tendaho Plantation and Village.  Awash River-Afar Region-NE Ethiopia.

Drifter at the Mitchell Cotts / Tendaho Plantation - Awash River - Afar Region

Drifter camped under a Baobab Tree at Ambo.

C-47 supply plane at Drifter Party (Tendaho?)

Tom Hammack with his warthog...

 SP4 Tom Hammack (Bones)    1964 - 1966

PFC Art Quist   1964 - 1966

Phil Wright

SP4 Larry Stevens  1964 - 1966

Truck stuck in a river with guards in the back.

Joe writes: "I was part of the Ethiopia U.S. Mapping Mission from Aug. 1964 to Dec. 1965. I came upon this site while checking for the Ethiopian coins I had collected while there. It really brought back the memories.
Seeing Larry "Steves" Stevens and Bill Wallete's pictures was great. Also reading Ron Dolecki's account of his capture hit very close to home as I was flying the other mission on that day and served as a radio coordinator during the search mission." 


SP5 Ron Dolecki  1964 - 1966

David R. James 

NCOIC Drifter Field Party

Ron Dolecki writes of Drifter Field Camp:  

 I was a member of Drifter Field Camp from 1964-66. The camp chiefly consisted of field classification specialists who generally worked the northwest, north-central, and northeast sections of Ethiopia/Eritrea. Field classification specialists collected mapping data to include place names, provincial boundaries, river/stream status, bridge dimensions, road types, landmark feature locations, and other items of significance.

We deployed our camp near towns/settlements called Fiche, Ambo, Lekempte, 
Tendaho, Ginchi, and a few other places with names I can't recall.  The camp 
NCOIC was SFC Harold D'Entremont (Frenchy), and other members included 
Horace Gardner (Hoddy), Larry Stevens, Joe Lyons, Gene Stanley, John Kaffer, 
Tom Hammack (Bones), Phil Wright, Gary Mueller, Art Quist, and Bill Wallette.

When UH-1B helicopters supported us, Dennis Sullivan (crew chief) seemed 
like a camp regular.  Three of the pilots I distinctly remember were Cpt. 
Patterson, CWO Jack Kalmbach, and Lt. Orlin.

Tom Hammack with JP4 tanker-convoy on the road from Asmara.

John Kaffer    1964 - 1966

PFC Raymond Madrid

Bill Rudis worked on the Flightline with the UH-1's but spent a lot of time at Drifter field party.

SFC Harold R. D'Entremont (Frenchy)  1964 - 1966

... and Bill Rudis with his.

 Gene Stanley by Termite mound

Gene Stanley   June 64 to Dec 65

Left to Right--Larry Stevens, Phil Wright, Gary Mueller, Joe Lyons, and Horace Gardner.

L - R  Gary Mueller, Bill Rudis and Tom Hammack.

                  Hammack's new tape machine coming in on the Chopper.                   Tom Hammick, Harold D' Entremont, Ron Dolecki, and Gary Mueller.

SPC4 Joe Lyons    Aug 1964 - DEC. 1965



SPC 5 Ron Dolecki  1964 - 1966.   To read accounts of Ron Dolecki's time in Ethiopia with Drifter Field Party, and his capture by the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) CLICK HERE. 

Horace (Hoddy) Gardner    1964 - 1966

Nick--Cook's Assistant at Tendaho

Down time at the swimming pool in Ambo (Agere Hiywet)

SPC Dan Struck  

Drifter Party Field Camp Sign

Larry Johnson   July 1966 - Nov. 1967

(photo as of yet unavailable)

Larry Johnson was a civilian photo interpreter with the Army Map Service (AMS) group from Washington, DC and worked with Drifter Party from July 1966 through November 1967. 

SPC Menear (Mechanic)

Drifter Clean-Up Day. Washing rigs in a river near Ambo

I am unsure of camp location

SP4 Michael A. Mancari

Tom Hammack (left) with shotgun shooting 00 buckshot and Bill Rudis with his new 30-30.

PFC Gary Mueller   1964 - 1966

L - R  RICP pilots Don Davis and Al Temple, Tendaho Manager Gilbert Clancey, and RICP pilot Jack Miller at Tendahoe circa 1964.