Jim MacFarlan

Bill Darou

1LT Earl Prechtel   1969 


Douglas Fox   June 1964 - Sept. 1965

Ralph Burgess

NCOIC of Dugout Party sent to Lake Langano to provide water to the Denver & Dakota parties.

CWO Lee Thomas   1968 - 1969 (Photo as of yet unavailable)

Bill Wallete  -  Aug 64 - Dec 65

Earl writes: "Lee Thomas was a highly respected survey warrant officer.  I don't know when he arrived in country, but as I recall, he ETS'd in early '69, about a month early, due to some family related issue.  As Assistant S-3, I temporarily took over his field party until his replacement arrived."

Douglas (Foxy) Fox Ran 3 wire second order levels.

Dugout Rafting the Dawa Wenz


SP5 Ron Kuklovsky

Dick Black and Croc


E-7 Floyd Sims   1965 - 1966  and  1967 - 1968

Dick Rowell  -  Aug 1969  - May 1970


Regarding Dugout party, I was a member of that in 1965. We were asked to come up with a name that started with "D".
At the time we were a water purification crew, though there were some of us with MOS of surveyor in the crew. While at a lake somewhere in the south I helped carve a dugout canoe from a tree we’d chopped down and added outriggers of bamboo. It was this boat that was the inspiration for the name "Dugout".  Richard Miller  

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Richard 'Dick'  Black

Richard T. Miller    1965

Dick Black and Dik-Dik