Due to a fire on 14 February 1967, 'the Club' was only a bar set up off the main lobby in the Mess Hall.  ‚Äč


Troop quarters (barracks) were adjacent to the mess hall in a one story building, (also of  brick and stone construction) which had at one time been stables for the Polo horses of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I.

 The barracks building also housed the unit's Day Room and Library.  Most enlisted men lived in the barracks.

Tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts were located across the street from the barracks.       

 The unit had a BOQ nearby, and many Officers and NCOs rented homes  close to the installation.  

The Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission was activated on 15 July 1963 having the assigned mission of establishing geodetic control and collection of field classification data in Ethiopia to be used in future mapping programs.  At any given time in it's existence an average of 150 officers and enlisted men were assigned to the mission.

Ethiopia-U.S. Mapping Mission was under control of  the 64th Engineer Battalion (Base Topographic), and U.S. Army Map Service Special Foreign Activity, which was later changed to U.S. Army Topographic Command Special Foreign Activity (TOPOCOM).  See the Headquarters Italy page for more information.

Flight Operations, Supply, and the Motor Pool were all located at Liddetta field, 1/2 mile from the HQ building. 

During the time the Mess Hall served as the "Night Club" (from late February 1967 through January 1969), there were slot machines and a pinball machine in the lobby.
The mess hall facility also doubled as a movie theater where movies were shown nightly, with matinees on weekends. 

The unit medical facility and the mess hall (which also served as a movie theater) were located in a one story building of stone construction.

Headquarters for Ethiopia-U.S. Mapping Mission were in a two-story stucco building located next to the Imperial Golf Club. This building had previously served as offices of Ethiopian Air Lines (before moving their operations from Liddetta Airport to the new Bole Airport). The first floor of the HQ building housed the Personnel Section along with offices for the Commanding Officer, Adjutant, First Sergeant, the Ethiopian Liaison Office, Mail Room, Arms Room, and the unit's Switchboard.  Upstairs were the S-3 (Operations) offices along with offices for Army Map Service personnel and a photographic dark room.

The L'American Club was in a building located between the HQ and mess hall.