Photo of flight line taken from South end of hanger by CPT J.L. Pike

View is from the West-Southwest (or from bottom left area of sketch). The photographer is airborne and just about to touch-down for landing.

Panorama taken from the main gate by CPT J.L. Pike

(See sketch for orientation) 

The Missing Soviet Helicopters

         FLIGHT LINE

The old Ethiopian Air Lines terminal is the white building at bottom/right. To the left of that is the tarmac which served as the flight line for Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission, the Ethiopian Army, and U.S. Army MAAG. The debris on the bottom perimeter of the tarmac is the remains of the Motor Pool and diagonally to the left of that is the remnants of the hanger and Flight Operations buildings. The buildings of the old E-USMM installation, the Imperial Golf Club and the old Ethiopian Air Lines headquarters building are seen in the upper left corner of the photo.

Aerial view of Liddetta Airport courtesy of Herr Raimund Stehmann © 2002.

Sketch of Flight Line and Motor Pool - Liddetta Field, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. (Sketch by LTC Adrian Traas). Compare with photo below it.

The clearing of the land and the building of this structure on the old tarmac are part of phases one and two of the project called 'Lideta Garden City Development.' Raka Design and Engineering Company have the following information on their Web site. The preliminary design is dated 2000.

Project Description - The project incorporates the development of the old airport of Addis Ababa, located in Lideta District at the Southwestern edge of the City, into a private modern town for 100,000 people. The site area is 1,929,000 sq.m. The project is divided by a main street running North-east to South-west creating areas for residential buildings and others for villas. The town shall be characterized by its beautiful landscape and gardens alongside complete services. Cross roads are eliminated and safe pedestrian walkways are provided. The project major types of development consist of villas, 550 Town Houses, 180 Apartment buildings, Commercial centers, Offices, Community and Recreation Centers. The total build-up area is 2,014,600 sq.m. The project estimated cost of construction is US$ 750 million (SR 2.8 billion). The project design stages: Phase I in 2000 and Phase II in 2003. Construction shall be executed over 10 stages. 

​​       Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission

Aviation Section  -  Liddetta Airport (HAAL)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia APO 09319

Aviation support elements​​:

Army Map Service - Army Aviation Detachment
572nd Engineer Platoon (Topographic Aviation)

1370th Photographic Mapping Wing
USAF Air Rescue Service

Below is a slideshow of GoogleEarth/Keyhole satellite views of Liddetta Airport and the old Mapping Mission grounds taken from an altitude of approximately 14,300 feet, from October 2003 through March 2016. Some points of interest might be in the fields in front of the Mapping Mission installation and The Imperial Golf Club, and the tarmac at Liddetta Airport.