John Chewning  1968 - 1969       (Photo as of yet unavailable) 

Bradner  1967 - 1968    

(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Paul Fuller  1967 - 1968   (Photo as of yet unavailable)

SP4 Gregory Horn    1967 - 1968 

John writes: "I joined gravity I party in 1968. Richard Ivona, Paul Fuller and Bradner comprised the party when I got there. Joe Saily and I joined the party in Asosa and eventually were the sole members traveling the width and breadth of Ethiopia from Massawa to Adigrat to Lake Rudolph and Harrar.
Our interpreter was Wossen Abraham and our camp boy Gazahein Kebede. Quite an adventure!


Joe Saily 1968 - 1969  (Photo as of yet unavailable)

Richard Ivona   1967 - 1968   (Photo as of yet unavailable)

Jay A. Kemp - Topographic Surveyor Specialist. 

Jay writes: "I was transferred to Gravity 1 with SP4 Gregory Horn where we observed gravity readings until I was sent to the Arizona Gravity Survey in 1968 for the 30th Engineer Battalion out of Fort Belvoir." 

SP4 Gregory Horn  - Topographic Surveyor Specialist. Greg was and is a highly talented, professional drummer who played with several local bands in Addis Ababa who played the L'American Club and at other affairs.

SP4 Jay Kemp