SFC CALVIN W. LAMB   Operations Sergeant  1967 - 1968

82D40  82D-Topographic Surveyor/4H-Instructor was the Operations Sgt. before Sgt. Hattori arrived in April of 1968.  

MSGT ROBERT (BOB) JONES    1964 - 1965

MSGT FARREL      1966 - 1967   First Sergeant 

SGT HATTORI   OPERATIONS SERGEANT  April 1968 -(Photo as of yet unavailable)

MSGT Jones spent nine months in Libya where he was a survey crew chief running triangulation along the Libyan-Tunisian border, and later headed up field classification work in the desert. He went to the Ethi-US Mapping Mission on 14 March 1964 and initially helped continue the construction of the mess hall, motor pool, and barracks. He was the acting Opns Sgt for a while and spent a great deal of time coordinating the work and resupplying the level crews in the field.

Obituary/Death Notice

SGT SCHOPAL   (Need more information) (Photo as of yet unavailable)


MSGT  TOM HARRIS    1967 - 1969  First Sergeant

MSGT Cornett served as 1st SGT until the arrival of MSGT Harris.

SABA ZEMICHAEL - Switchboard



During my first Tour I was in charge of the Field Party that put the Vertical & Horizontal control on all of the picture paints for the 1st map sheet of Ethiopia, matted and framed it for the presentation and presented it to His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I. 

On my second Tour I replaced Sgt. Harris as 1st Sgt, and after a couple of months, my wife was sent to Walter Reed Hospital and I was to be transferred back to the States with our five children. At the time, I was in the process of rebuilding the Club that had burned down.