MAJ WILLIAM J. McMULLIN    1967 - 1968

​​LT  WILLIAM DeLEO    1966   (Need more  information) (Photo as of yet unavailable).

LTC KENNETH THOMPSON    23 Aug 1968 - 22 May 1969


LTC. Finney was primarily the Battalion Aviation Officer but also served as Commanding Officer of Mapping Mission after LTC Thompson's departure and before his own departure in 1969. 

LTC WILLIAM H. SHERMAN   1963 - 1964

LTC Sherman was the first Director and Commanding Officer of Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission. Prior to his assignment as Director of E-USMM  he was Special Assistant to the Army Map Service Commanding Officer.
(Photo as of yet unavailable)


CPT Campbell served as commanding officer after LTC Finney's departure and before the arrival of LTC. Talbort.  

CPT GARY MARTONI   S-1  1969                    (Photo as of yet unavailable) (Need more information)


572nd Engineer Platoon (Topographic Aviation)

MAJ DOROUGH    17 Jan 1968 - 22 May 1968  (Photo as of yet unavailable) (Need more information) 

LTC KENNETH TALBERT    23 MAY 1969  -  28 APR 1970(Photo as of yet unavailable)  

Since LTC. Talbert arrived in country unaccompanied, Mrs. Joyce Campbell served as Unoffical Hostess during LTC Talbert's tour. (Photo as of yet unavailable).


Battalion Aviation Officers and Air Operations Officers 

MAJ RICHARD ELLAS   1964 - 1965   (Need more information)

 LTC DON E. FINNEY    1968 - 1969                                                                       

 Battalion Aviation Officer and Air Operations Officer. 

CPT.  JOHN VRANISH   S-1  1967 - 1969                 (Photo as of yet unavailable) (Need more information)

1LT JAMES RICHARDSON    1966 - 1967  (Need more information)      (Photo as of yet unavailable) 

MAJ GRAVES    1965 - 1966  (Need more information)
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

LT BILL SCHOONMAKER    S-3   Jan. 1968 - July 1969



MAJ IVAN R. 'BOB' WEBB   (More information needed)

(Photo as of yet unavailable)

LT. Schoonmaker writes: "I arrived in January 1968 as a grass green 2LT.  MAJ Dorough, the CO at that time, assigned me as the S-3 because I had a civil engineering degree, specializing in mapping and surveying.  Mr. Huffine was due to rotate out in about a month so we had a little overlap.  SSG Lamb was the Ops Sergeant until SSG Hattori arrived in about April 68.  Bob St. Martin, DOD civilian, came to give us technical advise that summer.  I continued as S-3 through 1968.  Early in 69, we sent Denver Party into the Ogaden Desert.  The Ethiopian Army insisted on sending a platoon with Denver for protection so I was asked to command Denver Party as a counterpart to the Ethiopian LT.  Great experience in the desert.  Then in July 1969, I rotated home.  I believe 1LT Earl Prectel replaced me as S-3.

CAPT JAMES CAMPBELL    1969  -  1970          Air Operations Officer



"I was formally carried as the Assistant S-3 for 1968-1969, though most of 1969 was spent in the field with Drifter, and Dugout parties until I was recalled to replace the departing CPT Gary Martoni, who had taken over S-1 from CPT Vranish on his departure. I remained as S-1 in 1970 to the very last.


Major Traas was sent down from HQ at Leghorn, Italy to take over the Mission and close it out after LTC Talbert departed. A few days later he inherited the battalion when the battalion CO departed.  LTC Traas (Ret.) writes: "The closeout was quite a challenge, but we had good people. There were a few mishaps, a few sort of amusing, but everything worked out... I left Ethiopia in late July." 

MAJ ADRIAN TRAAS    29 APR 1970  -  28 JULY 1970

​Maj. Adrian Traas was the last Commanding Officer of Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission.