Allen Pope  1968                                                    (photo as of yet unavailable)    ​

CWO Thomas H. Payne (photo as of yet unavailable)

MAJ Adrian Traas    1 June 1968 - 29 April 1970

Prior to assignment at Battalion HQ, 1SGT Thomas W. "Tom" Harris served as First Sergeant of Ethiopia- U.S. Mapping Mission from 1967 - 1968.


The following officers served as Executive Officer,​ Battalion Operations Officer (S3) and Battalion Supply Officer (S4):

From left to right standing:   Maj Adrian Traas, battalion XO; Col Edward L. Waddell, MedDiv Engineer; Col Billy B. Geery OCE (office of the Chief of Engineers); Brig Gen William L. Starnes (OCE); LT Col George Stukhart, Jr., CO 64th; Lt Col John S. Bond, CO 72d Engineer Detachment (Survey) in Liberia; Lt Col Everett A. Smith, CO Topographic Training Team in Iran; and Lt Col Kenneth R. Thompson, CO Ethiopia U.S. Mapping Mission in Ethiopia.

Seated from left to right: Capt Garry D. Foster, battalion budget officer, adjutant, and HQ detachment CO; and, Lt Col Don E. Finney, battalion aviation officer stationed in Ethiopia.


Battalion Operations Sergeant

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MAJ Adrian Traas arrived Livorno, Italy on 1 June 1968 and assumed duties as Executive Officer, Battalion Operations Officer (S3), and Battalion Supply Officer (S4). 

LTC Traas assumed command of the battalion on 3 May 1970 and also served as Mission Head and Commanding Officer of Ethiopia-U.S. Mapping Mission from April 29, 1970 until 'Close Out' of that Mission on 28 July 1970. He returned to Livorno (Leghorn) Italy to wrap up operations there and then reported to TOPOCOM in Washington for debriefing before moving on to his next assignment. 

CWO L. E. Smith Jr.   (photo as of yet unavailable) 

1LT James D. Meihous     1966 - 26 -  Feb. 1967 ( photo as of yet unavailable) 

MSG John Musurda   (photo as yet unavailable)  

 Headquarters, 64th Engineer Battalion (Base Topographic)
 U.S. Army Map Service/U.S. Army Topographic Command
  Livorno (Leghorn), Italy  APO New York 09019

CPT Arthur  1968 - 1970                           (photo as of yet unavailable) 

SFC Leber                                 (photo as yet unavailable) 


The 64th Engineer Battalion (Base Topographic), and U.S. Army Map Service Special Foreign Activity and later U.S. Army Topographic Command (TOPOCOM) Special Foreign Activity, directed mapping survey projects carried out by the U.S. Ethiopia Mapping Mission, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; the Topographic Training Team, Tehran, Iran; and the 72d Engineer Detachment (Survey), Paynesville (near Monrovia) Liberia. Troops and equipment from Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 64th Engineer Battalion; 29th Engineer Company (Base Survey); 72d Engineer Detachment (Survey); and, 572d Engineer Platoon (Topographic Aviation) and later Aviation Detachment, Army Map Service, were allocated among the three projects based on their mission requirements. The battalion headquarters was a tenant unit located in the port area in Leghorn (Livorno), Italy, some eight miles south of Camp Darby, the headquarters of the 8th Logistical Command, Southern European Task Force (SETAF). Prior to its move to Italy in June 1966 the 64th Engineer Battalion was based at Wheelus Air Force Base, Libya, until it completed surveying and mapping that country. Battalion strength varied, averaging some 300 military and civilian personnel from 1967-1969. Although the battalion headquarters was located in Italy its operations were directed by Army Map Service/ TOPOCOM located in Bethesda, MD, outside Washington, DC. SETAF and the U.S. Army, Europe, were tasked to provide some logistical and aviation maintenance support, and the battalion and the three projects received the bulk of support directly from Army Map Service/TOPOCOM and local contracts . The battalion headquarters was small, some twenty military, two U.S civilian secretaries, and one Italian employee, serving as the link between the projects and Army Map Service/TOPOCOM. 


Battalion Supply Sergeant

MAJ Robert Beaudet     1966  -  1967

(Photo as yet unavailable)

Photo provided by Mrs. LTC Don Finney.

Names provided by Mrs. Billy Finney


LTC Adrian Traas (Ret)​

        LTC Adrian Traas      3 May 1970  -  28 July 1970

CPT Garry D. Foster   26 Feb. 1967 - 1968

    LTC George Stukhart     20 Aug 1968  -  3 May 1970


 MSGT Thomas W. "Tom" Harris    1968 - 1970

 CWO 4 Charles M. Ferguson   (photo as of yet unavailable)

MAJ George B. White​    1966 - 1967  (photo as of yet unavailable)



The following Officers each served as Budget and Fiscal Officer, Battalion Adjutant, and Headquarters Detachment Commanding Officer:

LTC Don Finney   Battalion Aviation Officer  1968 - 1970

LTC Elbert D. Berry​     17 Jan 1967 -  20 Aug 1968

Photo taken during visit by Maj Traas, XO of 64th, to TOPOCOM HQ in Bethesda, MD in January 1969. Maj John D. Canatsey, formerly operations officer of the Topographic Training Team in Iran was appointed battalion plans and operations officer/liaison officer with duty station at TOPOCOM in January 1968.