I arrived at Wheellis AFB as a PFC (I received it the day I left for Libya from my 1st Sgt at Ft. Benning) and left there two years later as a Sp-5.  I was with Classic my full tour, plus an additional 5+ months when  I extended to re-do a survey line when that info was lost on the U1A crash on New Years Day 1960.   I also remember most of our pilots that I flew with while taking photos of monuments after they were set in the ground. Lt.'s Broughten, Gochnaur, And Sal?- Lt. Marr and Capt. Greer as well as Lt. Flint and a few others.  Lt. Thomas Fiet was our CO until Lt. Goss replaced him.  Lt. Jefferson was a great guy that was respected by all of our field party.
Dan Weatherly and George Gorospe were one of our teams, Don Fletcher and Roger Thies another team, and Warner Pyle and James Killebrew were a team.  I was the instrument man on my team and Tom Dammann (passed away in 1953) was my recorder. Nick Hall was another surveyor that we had in the party, along with Arterburn and Fischer. Arterburn and Fisher replaced Weatherly and Gorospe whern they rotated back home.

While we were camped at Soluch (this was where the B-24s and Lady B Good were based I think) a group of folks from the AF & Army came out and took pics for the 60th which we were a part of at that time.  Later in 1966 while perusing a brochure of AMS in the placement office of SFASU in Nacogdoches, TX I noticed that one of the photos was of that camp and I could identify almost all in the picture.
The camp was on the old dirt base with dirt runways that you could see only at about 1000 over it.  Lt. Gochnaur and I flew out of that camp on photo runs of the survey monuments in an L-19.



John Lowell Hayes - Classic Field Party - June 1958 - May 1960