The L'American Club 1966

   Photo Gallery of the L'American Club interior shortly after the fire.                                    Clink on photos for larger view.

    Photos courtesy of MSGT R.D. Watkins - NCOIC Flight Surgeon's Office  1965 - 1967

  • We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (US Version)3:12

L'American Club tokens were used in the slot machines and as currency in the club for drink and food purchases. This token was discontinued after the first L'American Club burned down on St. Valentine's day 1967. This token shows fire damage caused by the 1967 blaze. 

                                           Token photos courtesy of Bill Phillipson

Aerial photo of the fire gutted L'American Club circa mid 1967                                               Click photo for larger view.


L' American Club

Organization Day 1967 took place in the burned out L'American Club.                                               Click on photos to enlarge.

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A Mapping Mission Bar and Night Club existed prior to the L'American Club and shared the same facilities as the Mess Hall and Medical Dispensary(photos needed). 


Construction on the L' American Club began in January of 1966 by the 'THE MICKEY MOUSE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY' and was completed in September or October of the same year. 

'THE MICKEY MOUSE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY' included: Ssgt Gibson (Project NCOIC), James "Slim" Coleman,  Ben Termin,  Tex Rennaker,  Flash Benson,  Greg Soha,  Bill "Playboy" Clawson. 

The song below was one of the most requested songs when our band played the L'American Club 

 That club was destroyed by fire St. Valentines Day 1967.

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