Larry writes: "Went to Tripoli, Libya in August 1963. Stayed there painting and typing for three months.  Went to Tehran in November 1963.  Was in Baluchistan (SE Iran) in November when we heard about JFK.  I believe it was Level III.  We were South of Ziadan.  A pretty remote and unsafe part of Iran.  Some of the names that I remember after that are Bam, Qom, Esfahan, and Mashhad--for two years, we were all over.  Later in my tour, there was an earthquake in Northwest Iran.  I went up there to run some gravity readings for a period before returning to Level III to finish out my tour.  I left in November 1965 and was separated after returning to the USA. I loved my time in Iran and the people there,  it's unfortunate how things have changed."

Larry Gohl   Nov. 1963 - Nov. 1965

Lee Knollman and Larry Gohl

Larry with Topo truck and Jeep.



Nov. 1963 - Nov. 1965


Topo Training Team pilot CPT Reed and Larry Gohl.