SP4 Millard Burnk - 1961

​(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Paul N. Hall             Feb 1958 - Sept 1959

Larry Zimnisky was an Airfield Operations specialist and Aircraft mechanic with the 572nd TOPO Aviation Platoon, 64th Engineer Battalion.  Most of his tour was at Wheelus AFB, with one field tour at Camp Climax and other assignments around the country.

Lt. Metoyer

Norman Buck

Doug did trig levels with T-2 & telurometer.

SGT. Lloyd Butler - Radio Operator   1960 to 1963.

SP4 Clifford "Skip" Robinson - 822XX (Topographic Surveyor). Skip was assigned as a classifier and was a member of Casino Camp. He's seen here with Leon, the camp mascot.   CLICK HERE to read more about Skip.

Roger Thies  1958 - 1959

​​MSGT Robert "Bob"Jones   1963 - 1964   (Photo as of yet unavailable)

SP4 Clifford "Skip" Robinson

Col. Brown  ​

PFC Richard T. (Dick) Miller (aka Bug Man)   1964 - 1966

Front Row  L to R:  SFC T.C. Martin - PFC. O.L. Smith - SGT. H.P. Roller - PFC. D. A. German - CPT. R.D. Henderson - SSGT  R.J. "Whitehead - SSGT J.E. Padgett - SSGT J. T. Porter - PVT. C. D. Wright.

Back Row L to R:  CPT. H. H. Merrill - CPT H. P. Leighton Jr. -  CPT. E. A. Smith - CPT. F. G. Peterson CPT J. V. Turner,  CPT. R. L. Broughton - CPT.  H. J. Raymond - CPT. T. L. Gochnauer - CPT. C. J. Heathcote - CPT T. I. McMurray -  LT. R. R. Precht: (killed in an aircraft accident at a later date) PFC R. D. Mays - SP4 L. J. Zimnisky - SSGT. W. M. Richardson.  

CPT. L. J. Powlen and SFC. T. C. Merlin are missing from this photo.

Al Crumley  Sept. 1962 - July 1965

Al Crumley was stationed with the 64 th Engineer Battalion from September, 1962 to February, 1964 in Libya and assigned to Comet Field Party.  In 1963 he was with the field party that did some triangulation along the Tunisian border.  

Pvt Bradley - January 1963                as a "new arrival."

Doug (Foxy) Fox.  June 1964 - Sept. 1965

E-4 Michael Norvell  1965

Ken was a radio operator at both Climax Camp and 64th Headquarters. CLICK HERE to view Ken Krugman's photos.

Roger Thies - Wheelus AFB 1958 to 1959 and with the 542nd's "Classic" survey team who ran a
topographical 2nd level line from Tunis to Egypt.

E-4 Michael Norvell was in Tripoli a short time in 1965 before being assigned to Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission where he served most of his tour with Dover Field Party. He left Ethiopia in Feburary of 1967.

Jack D. Hunt   OCT 1958 - NOV 1960 (Photo as of yet unavailable)

Dependent Housing.  Photo taken on a weekend (during off-duty hours) by Paul Helwer. Paul writes: "(The) Blue Volkswagen may be the Tom Harris family car.  I remember it from the time, I saw the 1st Sgt. driving to work on the beach road one morning. 

(Don't ask what I was doing on the beach road.)"  

Raymond K. Whale   1965   Commanding Officer  

(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Roger Landry  1958 - 1960 (Photo as of yet unavailable)

Paul 'Nick' Hall was with the 329th Engr DET. (Geodetic Survey), 542nd Engr.Co. (Survey) Wheelus, AFB from Feb. 1958 until Sept 1959. He ran mostly 2nd and 3rd order levels almost entirely across Libya and was just a few miles from "Lady Be Good" when it was discovered.

Mike Crain was a personnel specialist stationed Wheelus AF Base from Feb. 65 thru Jul 65; and in Tehran, Iran from July 65 thru August 66.  "Major Teague may not know it but he had a great impact on my life; I raised my children with some of his advise.  My best friend was John Peterson."

Jim Spain 1958 - 1960 (Photo as of yet unavailable)

Listed below are those who have been made know to me to have served with Army Map Service or 64th Corps of Engineers (Topographic) in Libya.


Capt. Chipman  1958 - 1960

Romeo Porzano is an Italian citizen who lived in Libya with his family at the time and was assigned to the 64th Eng Bn working in Account MDW353 where the motor pool, supply, and flight line placed orders for everything from C-rations to engine parts. 

CLICK HERE  to read more about Wilson Freeze

Bob fixing a truck spring in Sirte, Libya

Louie Munch   Feb. 1963 - July 1963.

Louie was at Wheelus for five months before being transferred to Topo Training Team, Iran in July of 1963.(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Bruce Crandall - Pilot
Medal of Honor recipient.

CLICK: Bruce Crandall
to read his Medal of Honor Citation

Don Venturini   1958-1960

SPC4 Tom White - Radio Room, Wheelus AFB, Libya

Jack Robeson   1958 - 1960 (Photo as of yet unavailable)

Cary Buster 

In the general vicinity of the Wheelus Air Base headquarters. The propeller beside the flag pole is a remnant from a very famous B-24 bomber named "Lady Be Good." That bomber has been the subject of many books, TV shows, and speculation about it being haunted. The bomber, which was based in Libya during WWII, was thought to have been lost at sea during a raid against Italy. Unbeknownst to anyone, the aircraft ended up deep in the interior of the Libyan desert. The crew got lost on their return trip to Libya and ran out of fuel over the Sahara. The plane was discovered in the desert by some British petroleum explorers. The bodies of all but one of the crewmen were recovered great distances from the wreckage, along with a diary from the pilot describing the living hell they endured while walking in the Sahara desert. Other parts of the aircraft are on display at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.  (Notes provided by Ron Dolecki)

PFC Patrick J. O'Brien   June 1961 to Dec. 25 1962

Mr. Romeo Porzano

Gareth "Gary" Rhodes - Field Radio Repairman 1963

SP4 David  W. Genereaux  1965 - 1966

A walled-section of Tripoli, Libya -- This was once a fortress used by the Barbary pirates in the early 1800's. The ship's mast in the upper right part of the photo is from an American ship that the Barbary pirates captured. The mast is sort of a trophy that the Libyans were still proud to display.

(Photos of 64th HQ in Libya and the walled section of Tripoli were provided by Ron Dolecki.)


PFC Kenneth Krugmann 1961 - 1962

Mr. Hunt writes: I was a SP5 in office headquartes and made trips out to desert parties to take care of personal for our men... Had a good time with a lot of snorkeling. The worst thing was when we lost a plane with Lt. Jefferson as pilot flying from Wheelus to Bengazi and was lost at sea with 10 of our men writes:  'I was a SP5 in office headquarters and made trips out to desert parties to take care of personal for our men... Had a good time with a lot of snorkeling. The worst thing was when we lost a plane with Lt. Jefferson as pilot flying from Wheelus to Bengazi and was lost at sea with 10 of our men.

329th Engr. DET. (Geodetic Survey)
542nd Engr. Co. (Survey)

John Collins   1958 - 1960

(Photo as of yet unavailable)

SFC Robert L. Asselin

Carl Nagode  1962 - 1963

Mr. Nagode was with Clipper Field Party in 1962 and 1963.

Patrick J. O'Brien was an Airfield Operations Specialist and Aircraft Mechanic with the 572nd TOPO Aviation Platoon, 64th Engineer Battalion from June 1961 to Dec. 25 1962. He also spent time at Camps Climax & Classic and drove resupply.

Donald R. Fletcher  1958 - 1960

Joe Medina                                           (Photo as of yet unavailable)

E7 Wilson Freeze


MSGT Jones spent nine months in Libya where he was a survey crew chief running triangulation along the Libyan-Tunisian border, and later headed up field classification work in the desert. 

Obituary/Death Notice

Larry Zimnisky   Nov. 1960 - Aug. 1962

Rommie Mays  1960 - 1962

Bob Sewell  

Headquarters for the 64th Engineer Battalion Base Topo was located at Wheelus Air Base near Tripoli, Libya until they were moved to Camp Leghorn (Livorno), Italy.

Clyde Moore    Sep 62 to Oct 64

 Mike Crain  Feb 1965 - July 1965  (Photo as of yet unavailable)

PERSONNEL  (in alphabetical order)

Mr. Percy Hargett    APR 1961 - OCT1962 (Photo as of yet unavailable)

Clyde Moore writes: "I was with the outfit in Lybia, then Iran Sep 62 to Oct 64.  Will look for photos and names that worked with me.  My assignments were primarily "classification" with AMS rep, local military from southern to northern Iran...Good memories. Good to see the "House" and Shapour and Nemod.

Mr. Hargett was a civilian cartographer who worked for Army Map Service and with the 64th Corps of Engineers (Topographic) in both Lybia and Ethiopia.