Maj. Phillip Pitts with HIM Tewodros II's cannon named Sabastopol.

Mapping Mission aircraft flown:  U-17, U-6, U-8D, U-9C, C-47 and UH-1H


Mr. Kalmbach is a Master Army Aviator who held multiple ratings in single and multi-engine Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing aircraft, and was the Instructor Pilot in the U-6A and U-9C aircraft, and Test Pilot for the UH-1B,  OH-23G,  U-6A and U-9C aircraft.  


MAJ HOMER L BREM    Apr '67 - July '68 / Mar '69 - July '70

CPT Pike was a veteran Army helicopter pilot who had served two tours in Vietnam and who was assigned to the U.S. Mapping Mission after completing the U.S. Army’s fixed wing transition program.  Upon completion of the mission in Ethiopia he was assigned to the AH-1 Cobra transition program at Fort Stewart, Georgia and then to a third tour in Vietnam.  He would later receive his Master Aviator wings and held multiple ratings in single and multi-engine fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.

CAPT. JOSEPH L. PIKE   1969-1970 

Maj. Patterson held multiple ratings in single engine Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing aircraft.  

Aircraft flown include the  OH-23G,  UH-1B,  and U-6



Master Army Aviator.

Multi-rated in both Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing aircraft.  

Major Brem arrived in Addis Ababa in April of 1967 fresh from RVN. He flew in Ethiopia until July 1968 when he left to go to Liberia as Commanding Officer. MAJ Brem returned to Ethiopia in 1969 and then returned to the USA in the summer of 1970.

CW4 Harry L. Reed   1966 

(Photo and additional information as of yet unavailable)

MAJ JOE SITES    Dec 1964 - Jun 1966


(photo as of yet unavailable)

Mapping Mission had one U-1 Otter which in August of 1969 was flown to Mannheim, Germany (a 55 hour flight)  by CPT.  Raines. There was a write-up about it in Army Aviation magazine two years later, as the flight was a distance record-maker for that type aircraft.


LTC DON E. FINNEY   1967 - 1969

CAPT Jim O'Connor  

Aircraft flown: UH-1H , U-1 Otter, U-6 Beaver, U-17 (Cessna 185) and the C-47

MAJ JOHN F. PATTERSON   1965 - 1967

CW4  JOE ADAMS    1966 - 1967

CAPT. PETE ORLIN    1965-1967

Aircraft flown:  UH-1B, UH-1H  

Sam Raines was dual rated in both Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing aircraft. 

Mapping Mission Aircraft flown: UH-1H , U-1 Otter, U-6 Beaver, U-17 (Cessna 185) and the C-47.

Commanding Officer 572nd Engineer Platoon (Topographic Aviation)

(Photo as of yet unavailable)


CW3 HARRY BRIAN    1968 - 1969

Aircraft flown: UH-1H   (more info needed)

(Photo as of yet unavailable)

Rod Bither writes: "While in Ethi, I was given a check-out in the UH1 by CWO Reed. I happened to be flying with Jack (Kalmbach) (I was the other ship in a field classification mission) when I saw very black and ominous smoke coming from the West, the location of Jack's route for classification. Lot's of comm work and immediate search of the area looking for Jack and crew. I thought initially that the A/C had crashed but upon landing it was clear there were no remains in the ship and no dynamic damage to the rotor system (blade tips had not burned and clearly had no impact damage) more later."  

1LT ROD BITHER    1966



MAJ Sites held multiple ratings in single and multi-engine Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing aircraft.  

Commanding Officer: Air Field Operations 1970

​ CPT Campbell held multiple ratings in single and multi-engine Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing aircraft.  


(photo as of yet unavailable)

CW4 Richard "Dick" Birk was Dual Rated - Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing aircraft.

Aircraft flown:  OH-23G,  UH-1B,  U-1,  U-6A,  U-8,  U-9C, U-17 (Cessna 185) 

Mrs. Bernice Birk writes: When he left the states he flew into Tripoli. From there he was sent to Germany with another pilot (I think Capt. Newport) and two crew chiefs to pick up two Huey helicopters. Upon arrival back at Wheelus AFB they went to the Sudan to map the country. When it became too hot to see thru their instruments they were sent to Ethiopia. I don't remember exactly when they arrived in Addis but it would be sometime the summer of '64. Our children and I arrived in Addis in December of '64. We returned to the states in Mar. '66. There was a possibility that we would be returning to Addis and he would be flying as a civilian. He had an interview with Eastern Airlines-was hired so obviously we did not return. He retired from the reserves with the rank of Maj. He was medically retired from Eastern Airlines in 1989. He passed away in 2003 and is interred in the Florida National Cemetery at Bushnell, Fl.

1LT. Pete Orlin came to Ethi-US Mapping Mission as a Second Lieutenant from the 72d Engineer Survey Liaison Detachment in Liberia   He received his promotion to First Lieutenant in Ethiopia, and later to Captain upon his return to the United States.

Pete flew the OH-23G  and  UH-1B.

Major Patterson arrived in Ethiopia as a Captain and was promoted to Major. He and Joe Sites were the ones who located the UH-1 that ELF soldiers destroyed after taking the crew members prisoner. 


CW4 Thomas 'Tom' Dunaway 

Master Army Aviator

Retired in 1973.

Graduated Flight Class 56-8.

​CWO ​JACK KALMBACH   1964 - 1966



Maj. Allen Brown writes: "I was TDY to the Ethiopian Army Aviation for 6 months in 1969.  Was fortunate to have flown with Jack Miller from time to time.  I enjoyed my stay there immensely.

Allen Brown remembers his time in Ethiopia as: "the most interesting period of my military experience. The people of the mapping mission made one feel as though he was at home.  The most unforgettable events took place when I was flying with Jack Miller, such as going into a rolling mountain runway with a welding rig to repair mapping mission trucks out in the countryside or the flight to Harar; half way there a prop seal blew and began leaking oil so the engine had to be shut down and fly to Harar on the other engine." Thanks for some nice memories recalled.


CWO MIKE BERRY    1967 - 1969

Aircraft flown:  OH-23G,  UH-1B,  UH-1H,  and U-6A.

Joe writes: "I flew with the Mapping Mission from Dec 1964 til Jun 1966.  I knew Jack Kalmbach well, in fact we were on the same mission the day he got kidnapped and his ship blown up. I have movies as I landed at the wreckage, since Maj Patterson and I were the ones that located it.  I also flew an H-13 in the recovery of the "Lady Be Good" crew in 1960."



Commanding Officer Airfield Operations

Ethiopia U. S. Mapping Mission

Master Army Aviator

LTC FINNEY held multiple ratings in single and multi-engine, Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing aircraft.​​

Joe Adams was dual rated in both Fixed Wing and Rotor Wing aircraft.  (photo and additional information as of yet unavailable).

Aircraft flown: OH-23G,  UH-1B,  U-1,  U-6A,  U-8,  U-9C, U-17 (Cessna 185)

CPT JAMES T. (JIM) CAMPBELL   1969 - 1970


Maj. Van Zandte was assigned to the 72nd in Liberia before coming to Ethiopia
(Photo as of yet unavailable)
Aircraft flown: OH-23G,  UH-1B,  U-6,  U-8