Paul (Nick) Hall's slideshow of his time with the 327th & 542nd

Paul (Nick) Hall's slideshow of the 569th

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Paul (Nick) Hall was stationed with the 29th Engineer Company at Camp Oji, Japan, The 542nd Engineer Company in Libya, and the 569th Engineer Company (Topo Corps) at Camp McDermott, Nha Trang, South Vietnam where he was wounded in the legs, arm and head by a grenade blast. (See article from JUNE 26, 1970 TOPOCOMMENTS  below.)

Nick was also with the 329th Engineer Detachment (Geodetic Survey) and the 542nd Engineer Company (Survey) at Wheelus, AFB Tripoli, Libya.  Below are some of his photos.

PAUL (NICK) HALL  327th & 542nd

PHOTOS OF THE 327th AND 542nd