Many of the photos seen in the slideshows listed below do not perfectly fit in the 'Slideshow' software parameters. As a result of this, portions of your photos may not appear in the view screen of these Slideshows. Luckily, those of you using WINDOWS Operating Systems should be able to see the full version of any photo in a slideshow by 'right-clicking' that photo and selecting the 'Open Image In New Tab' option in the drop-down menu that appears. I don't know what Apple/Mac Operating system users can do in this situation, but I'm hoping it's similar. 

Some of the photos in these collections also appear less vivid than they did in their original condition. There are several reasons for this, but chief among them is that I've been forced to use edited copies of some of those original photos which I reduced in size to fit as 'large thumbnails' on the pages of our original Web site.  The expansion/magnification of those smaller photo files is what is causing most of the distortion.

I have many of the original, full-sized copies of your photos saved on the CD's that you sent them to me on. In time, I will switch out those photos. Other picture/photo files were emailed to me at addresses which I no longer have access to. I'm afraid that many of those originals were lost on computers that failed me in mid-stream, and before I was aware that data retrieval might be possible.

When time allows, and availability permits, I will replace the photos in question with the larger versions of themselves. Should you find that your photos fall in this category, and you have access to your originals, please forward them to me and I will use them to replace the inferior images.

There are three ways to show your photos on this Web site.

1. Each photo is blown up to almost 75% of full screen size and placed one below the other, all the way down the page. This is the way I would like to see it done, but it places a huge amount of data on that page, which causes that page more time to fully open. This might not be a problem if you have a 100 to 300 mega bytes per second (or better) internet connection speed, but it takes a 50 mbps connection several seconds to load, and DSL minutes to load...and dial-up, forget about it.

2. Slideshow.  Not able to add captions. Minimal load-time, but has cropping issues. Shows all the photos in the same box; advances or retreats each time you click an arrow; over rides auto advance when clicking an advance or retreat arrow. Can be set for automatic advance between 1 and 10 seconds per frame--you decide. I have most of shows set at 10 seconds per frame.

3. Photo Album. Can add captions to the thumbnails (just like on the old site). Individual photo thumbnails set one above the other going down the page. Click a thumbnail and get the full version. Great option, even better when I have time to add your text to your photos

All three examples are viewable somewhere in the 'Photo Page' section on this site.


The storage site doesn't provide a viewer for the digital files of the 8mm films, but there are two ways you can view the films. The way I recommend is to click the name below and then download the file to your computer and view it using your computer's software

You may be able to open the file while on the storage site by clicking the 'OPEN' button at the upper right (which looks like this:               )  but that depends on how your computer is set up.

I think you'll have a much better viewing experience if you download the file to your computer and view it there.




For a free download of Microsoft's PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft's Website    CLICK HERE