Larry Chapman and SSgt Patchell     July 27, 1965

Charlene Murry (Peace Corps) and Pierre Berube.   May 11, 1965

Troy Carpenter on the radio

Jim Harnden (seated) and Larry Chapman working the Tellurometer.

SP5 Pierre Berube   1964 - 1965

Pierre Berube has prepared a 36 page album of his photos taken when he was with the 72nd in Liberia as well as a presentation of his memoirs.

To view Mr. Berube's 36 page photo album with notes (pdf file):   CLICK HERE  
To view Mr. Berube's memoirs:  CLICK HERE

Below are several photos from Mr. Berube's collection.

LT Dave Shockley

Pierre Berube

Troy Carpenter

SP5 Pierre Berube next to a mushroom shaped ant hill in Liberia.

SFC Paddy Bishop

Cora at Nimba

SP5 Peckman


 72nd Engineer Survey Liaison Detachment

Wingnut  -  Mechanic

LT Jg Garnett- Liberian Coast Guard.