Troy Carpenter on the radio

Jim Harnden (seated) and Larry Chapman working the Tellurometer.

Pierre Berube

Troy Carpenter

SP5 Pierre Berube next to a mushroom shaped ant hill in Liberia.

SP5 Peckman


 72nd Engineer Survey Liaison Detachment

Wingnut  -  Mechanic

LT Jg Garnett- Liberian Coast Guard.


Larry Chapman and SSgt Patchell     July 27, 1965

Charlene Murry (Peace Corps) and Pierre Berube.   May 11, 1965

SP5 Pierre Berube   1964 - 1965

Pierre Berube has prepared a 36 page album of his photos taken when he was with the 72nd in Liberia as well as a presentation of his memoirs.

To view Mr. Berube's 36 page photo album with notes (pdf file):   CLICK HERE  
To view Mr. Berube's memoirs:  CLICK HERE

Below are several photos from Mr. Berube's collection.

LT Dave Shockley

SFC Paddy Bishop

Cora at Nimba