Two photos without captions were recently added to Rons' photo collection.                That caption information appears here: 

"A dear friend, Dale Hutchinson, read my story on the website and offered to build a model of the exact helicopter I was a crew member of when the incident occurred with the Eritrean Liberation Front.  "Hutch" managed to obtain decals from someone in his circle of specialist friends depicting the Mapping Mission logo in small scale as well as the correct fuselage number in the correct font.  He used an old Revell model kit of a UH-1B in 1:24 scale and customized the model to replicate the complicated paint scheme and correct markings of the specific aircraft.  The interior has an instrument panel with numerous dials, seat belts, and even scuff marks on the floor from crew wear.

The first photo shows me posing with the model as it was presented to me on short notice in a parking lot.  The second photo shows the model in enlarged detail, and that photo was snapped by the model builder for his own records."

RON DOLECKI    1964 - 1966