DRURY PLAZA HOTEL, SANTA FE, NM.                         September 4th to September 7th 2019
               RESERVATIONS: 1-800-325-0720  
                      GROUP CODE: #2344611



There was a glitch earlier regarding 'on-line' reservations, but that's been fixed. It's OK now to make your reservations using their On-Line Reservation system. 

 Here's a link:    Drury Plaza Reservation Page​ Link             

​Room rates: single/double is $159; triple is $169; quad is $179.
Individual reservations can be made by going online to and entering Group Code #2344611

​​​​​The current rates have been extended until September 8th for those who would like to add an extra night. One can add before the 4th or after the 8th but will be subject to a higher rate. 

In order to get the rates as shown above we need to have at least 15 room nights from September 4th until September 7th. The hotel will give us a 20% reduction without incurring a charge.  If it falls below 80% (12 room nights)  we will be required to pay for the room nights to achieve 80%.

​Many things can happen between now and September to make attending this reunion impossible.  With the responses received so far it seems we can make the 15 room nights.  But, if for any reason something changes please let me know.  I’m working with a travel agent who has been most helpful (at no cost) to see what other options we may have.  

Reservations must be received on or before August 2, 2019, after which rooms will be released for general sale.

Marie and Richard Ivona are hosting the 2019 Santa Fe reunion. If you do not have their contact information email me at  and I will help you get in touch.  ​ 

Lee Miller - Web Host