I was at the Ethi-U.S. Mapping Mission from January 1966 through April 1968, and except for the two days I was in bed or in the latrine with Addisitus, I loved every minute of it.  What I enjoyed the most were the opportunities to explore various part of our host country.  Weekend jaunts in Land Rover # 234 with my two good friends Mike Tuohy and Bob Micca to photograph wild game, visit remote towns or our old stand-by, Sodere, were trips I always looked forward to.  Some of the more exotic adventures were on re-supply runs to some of the remote field camps during which, confrontations with shiftas, breakdowns of our fine equipment, or reluctant guests of honor at a dinner put on for our benefit, made an indelible impression on me.  One of the more memorable trips was a solo ride on my newly acquired BMW motorcycle, complete with sidecar, from Asmara to Addis.

Following my discharge, I returned to my home in Ohio, but soon traveled west to Flagstaff, Arizona, where I had made contacts at a small museum prior to my enlistment.  While working at the museum, I was able to attend the University of Northern Arizona where I earned a degree in geology.  It was also at the museum where I met and married my wife, LaVerne, in 1971. We worked in the southwest for a year or so, but eventually traveled to Boston to attend graduate school.  While there, we had our first child, a son.  Following our stint in Beantown, we returned to Arizona.  LaVerne began teaching at the University of Arizona and I took a job with a small exploration company engaged in the search for uranium and precious metals (gold and silver). About that time, our daughter was born. 

After the Three Mile Island disaster the bottom dropped out of the uranium industry and the company I was working for went under.  I continued in the precious metals business, and my work eventually took me to Nevada where we have lived since 1983.  Since then I have remained in the precious metals exploration business working as a consultant, and LaVerne has been a professor of linguistics at the University of Nevada, Reno.  Most of my work has been in Nevada, but I have also had projects in Utah, Arizona, California, Peru and Bolivia. 

Our son is working in the computer industry in California and in his spare time is producing a movie, with the goal to enter that industry.  Our daughter is currently living with us in Reno and is working as an environmental specialist.