Stephen Charles Wollery

Enlisted on March 1, 1966, Basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.

Assigned to the 339th Construction Engineering BN, Ft. Lewis, WA 

Assigned to the Ethiopia-US Mapping Mission, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in early 1967.

Reassigned to 17th Combat Engineers, 2nd Armored Division, Ft. Hood Texas in early 1968.

Honorably discharge from active duty February 27, 1969 at Ft. Hood, Texas.

Reentered the US Army Reserves and enlisted as a Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic 1978.  Applied for a direct appointment as an Automotive Maintenance Technician (Warrant Officer).  I was a CWO3 when I figured out that it just wasn’t fun anymore and left the Army Reserves.

Married   -      May 1969.

Divorced   -    Jan 1986

Remarried -    Nov 1987, Shirley Anne

Children -       Laura Dawn, 1969, Married, two children - Ashley & Alexis

                        Aimee Renee, 1971

                        Elizabeth Anne, 1976 - One child on the way

                        Charles Daniel, 1981

Spouse children - Sherri, one son, Gabriel Mark

Education -    Associate of Science- Construction Management, 1975

                        Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, 1977

                        Master of Business Administration, Technology Management, 2003

Employment - I returned to the Illinois Department of Transportation after discharge.  I was an Engineering Technician and worked on many road construction projects in the area.  I worked for IDOT for 6+ years and decided to venture out into other areas.  Those other areas included being a heavy equipment operator, a construction supervisor, an equipment maintenance supervisor and ended up working for the Department of Defense, Department of the Army.  I was hired by the Troop Support Command, St. Louis, MO as an Acquisition Manager for Army Watercraft and worked with watercraft for 18 years.  The last 5 years and 27 days that I worked for the Army were in Warren, MI.  The command that I had worked for in St. Louis was closed and I had few options so I accepted a job in the Detroit, MI area.  The office that I worked for in St. Louis moved to Warren and I went along.  My wife works as a Bank Officer in St. Louis and she had a good job and I didn’t want to tear her away from her job.  She stayed in our house in Southern Illinois and I traveled back and forth for 5 years and 27 days.  I was offered and quickly accepted an early retirement in late Sep 2002 and returned to my home in Southern Illinois.  I am tired of being retired and am seeking another career.

Memories of Ethiopia- The beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the field, the heat and dirt in the field and the oppressive poverty and the living conditions of the common Ethiopian.