(Photo as yet unavailable)

LTC WILLIAM H. SHERMAN   1963 - 1964​(Photo as yet unavailable) 

MSgt Wilkerson, Top NCO at Mapping Mission was transferred from the Topographic Training Team in Iran. Col. Sherman, SSgt. Fred Keech and he were the first three people to arrive in Ethiopia assigned to Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission.

2Lt. Robert Felix   1963 - 1965

SGT MARTIN WILKERSON   July 1963 - MAY 1965 

HERMAN WHITEHEAD    1963 - 1965

CAPT GROSSMAN    1964 - 

Larry Price writes: He was our only medical source until Captain Grossman arrived...I helped Sgt Mataragas hold down a guy who had partaken one too many adventures with a local lady down the road in back of barracks...can't remember his name.

Mike had been with the 64th in Libya in 1963 (mostly with Casino Field Party) before joining Ethiopia-U.S. Mapping Mission, and was in N1902R when it crashed at the The Portuguese Falls camp site in Ethiopia. (Many photos and much more information soon to follow.)

On TDY from Camp Oji, Japan with Paul Briscoe

Larry Price writes: "I was in the very first group to go into Ethiopia. Cecil Waters and I helped assemble the Hueys that were flown in.  I also ran tide gage in Massawa. Some of the guys with me were Cecil Waters, Chuck Ronquist, Larry Virgil, Ted Atkinson, Woody Woodward, Rastelli, Walt Krebs, Hatori, Stricker and Murphy. Momo (sp) was the bartender and did some of the guys laundry." 

SP5 THOMAS RAY (TOMMY) GENTRY    1963 - 1965

SGT MORKES    Summer of 1964

(Photo as yet unavailable)

E-6 Fred Keech was transferred from the Topographic Training Team - Iran along with Col. Sherman and Sgt. Wilkerson to begin operations of Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission.

WOODY WOODWARD   1963 - 1965

CECIL WATERS    1964 - 1965

Richard A. Lusardi writes:  I served in the Ethiopia-US Mapping Mission between 1964 through July 1965. (more to follow)



PAUL W. BRISCOE  Summer of 1964

(Photo as yet unavailable)


Larry was supposed to rotate home with Ted Atkinson but extended and married a lovely Greek girl.

MSGT Jones spent nine months in Libya where he was a survey crew chief running triangulation along the Libyan-Tunisian border, and later headed up field classification work in the desert. He went to the Ethi-US Mapping Mission on 14 March 1964 and initially helped continue the construction of the mess hall, motor pool, and barracks. He was the acting Opns Sgt for a while and spent a great deal of time coordinating the work and resupplying the level crews in the field.

CHUCK RONQUIST    1964 - 1965

Captain Grossman was the first MD with Mapping Mission.

TED ATKINSON   1963 - 1965         (Photo as yet unavailable)

James J. Chesworth was a survey supervisor of a geodetic control party with Mapping Mission in Ethiopia from 1964 to 1965.

​​​​​​Paul writes: "Sgt. Morkes and I were at the Mapping Mission in Ethiopia during the summer of 1964, on TDY from Oji Camp, Tokyo Japan.  Enjoyed my stay."

STRICKER    1964 - 1965


(Photo as yet unavailable)

MALONE  1964 - 1965


I was one of the very first (#12) to arrive in Addis Ababa in January of 1964. We lived in a compound for a number of months before moving out to the barracks by the old airport. It took about six months before the first field party went out to survey the country--they started out in northern part of the country.

My MOS was in Finance and I was assigned to MAAG group in Addis.  I took care of the payroll and travel for the company. Our commanding officer was Colonel Sherman and we had a Second Lt. Felix who did everything for the company. Our medical officer was Captain Grossman and Sergeant Wilkinson was the Top NCO.  

Our company grew to about 150 which included Officers and Enlisted. One of the things that I did on my free time, I was the projection man for the movies that were shown each evening. I left there in July 1966 and was assigned to DeWitt Army Hospital, Ft Belvoir, VA.  I presently live in Alexandria, Virginia and work in Washington, D.C.


Jesus Garcia


LARRY VIRGIL   1963 - 196?

LARRY PRICE    1964 - 1965

Momo (photo as yet unavailable) was a bartender at the club who also did some laundry and ironing for the guys. 



(Photo as of yet unavailable)  

Walt Krebs
(Photo as yet unavailable)  

I was part of the first group that went into Addis Ababa. There was little activity other than waiting on equipment and the arrival of more personnel.  I spent a lot of time walking around downtown Addis and driving out to resort areas in our M-37 five-quarter-ton weapons carriers--aka Dodge Power Wagons.  I remember Ted Atkinson--he arranged a date with one of the the Swedish stewardess on the EAL flight over there--Larry "Arkansas" Perry, Herman Whitehead and Medina. 

There is an event that I remember occurring in 1964 relating to the deployment of a SFG there in Addis some time between March 1964 and November 1964. My recollection involves a volunteer group at the Headquarters going out to retrieve a SFG soldier that was killed on a mission into the boondocks. Do you have any recollection of their arrival there?

RICHARD ZIANTS    1964 - 1965

(Photo as yet unavailable)

MIKE RASTELLI     1963 - 1965

LTC Sherman was the first Director and Commanding Officer of Ethiopia-United States Mapping Mission. Prior to his assignment as Director of E-USMM  he was Special Assistant to the Army Map Service Commanding Officer.


(Photo as yet unavailable)

(Photo as yet unavailable)