Photo of Topo House taken from front gate. (circa 1967)

Karl Stay on Front Balcony at Topo House

Karl Stay is a German citizen who worked for Army Aviation Maintenance Center and Command, Coleman Barracks, West Germany. He specialized in U.S. Helicopters and Fixed Wing aircraft and made MDO`s on UH-1B;CH34;CH37. Karl was sent on voluntary TDY to Teheran in 1968 as a result of a request made by Major Edwin J. Bannister.

Paul Helwer was in Iran in 1963 after doing 4 months in Libya. Paul writes: " A bunch of us E-3s were sent to Iran in February of 63, all fresh graduates of topo survey school." "In 1963 I was a 21 year-old topographic surveyor with Level One "Longhorn" in Baluchistan Province, SE Iran."
(for more info see Paul's Guestbook entry).

Topo House Dining Room (Paul Helwer-1963)

Topo House Bar Fireplace (Jim Suszko 1963)

Topo House Bar and Bartender Shapour  (Jim Suszko-1963)

Back view of Topo House- Summer of 1963 (Jim Suszko)

Southwestern view taken from balcony of Topo House backyard garden and swimming pool. Note the Royal Teheran Hilton Hotel in the background. (Paul Helwer-March 1963)

Topo House Bar above and below (Paul Helwer-1963)

Swimming Pool (Paul Helwer-December 1963)

Topo House Dining Room (Jim Suszko-1963)


Burt Ebert    1966 - 1968

Bill Bauersfeld    1968 - 1969

Topo House Bar and Juke Box  (Jim Suszko-1963)

Back view of Topo House taken in March 1963. (Paul Helwer)

...and photo of the Front Gate


Back and side of house. Elburz Mountains in background. (Karl Stay)

 Southwest view taken from balcony in rear.

Western view from second floor, back patio.

House courtyard and swimming pool. (Jim Suszko-1963)

View of Topo House from the backyard garden  (Karl Stay - 1968)

Swimming Pool and garden in the rear of the Topo House property. (Karl Stay)

(Unknown) and Danny Wyatt - Topo House