SP5 WILLIAM D. MENGERS    July 1968  -  Sept. 1969
(Photo as of yet unavailable)

I was stationed in Iran between July 1968 and September 1969.  My first assignment as a surveyor was as a levels recorder for party chief/instrument man Don Libeau.  We worked out of Mashed during the warm months.  Don and I took a trip to the Caspian Sea area for some type of recon during the winter of 1969 and then I took another trip to Bander Abbas in the winter with a group of guys including Duke Anthony, Mike Linville, Rich Sewell and others to tie in some bench marks to a tide guage on the outskirts of town.  In the warm months of 1969 until I left to return to the states in September I worked as a party chief/instrument man out of the Mashed base camp.  Although I would rather have been other places during the time I was in Iran, I have many fond memories of the places I traveled and the people I met and worked with.